graphic card upgrade

  pookie 13:15 29 May 2003


1.9 athlon xp, xp home edition, 512 Mb ddr pc2100 ram, ecs k75sa mobo and ti4200 graphics 64 Mb.

If I replace graphic card to say a 9700/pro will it make a make difference to games like UT 2003, RtCW, etc or will it not as the cpu will slow it down?



  The Sack 13:25 29 May 2003

It will make a difference but the set up you have now should run the games you mention without problem.

  Sion 13:38 29 May 2003

It will make your games run faster yes, but as The Sack says, the system you have now will last you quite a while. I have a similar setup myself (except i have 2000xp, but every item is the same as yours) and there is no game that it will not run. The only time you'll need to get a new video card is when games like Doom 3 and Half Life 2 are released, but that's not for a few months yet. If i were you, I'd hold on to your current system setup, and upgrade come august time, when cards like 9700 will have come down a lot in price. Or wait until the next generation of cards are released.

  pookie 12:47 30 May 2003

thanks for the replies. I think I'll wait although I've always upgraded bits but now I think I'll buy a new system in a few months - some of the deals these days are very good really.



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