Graphic Card Upgrade

  tooter 10:46 22 Jan 2006

My computer will not run the latest games and especially DVD games they either refuse to load saying my graphics card is not good enough or they load but when it starts all I get is the sound and a black screen. The computer is about 3 years old P4 1700, 512 Ram. The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce2 Ultra. I have decided to upgrade this card to a GeForce 6600GT 256MB 8xAGP DDR3 TV DVI. I would be grateful if you could answer a few questions before I upgrade. Is this a good choice of card? Do I need to upgrade my power supply if I fit this card, does this card require more power to run it? (Sorry I don’t know the output but I have not had any problems with it running the GeForce2 card). Is the 1700 chip speed fast enough to make any difference if I fit this card or would the chip slow the card down? Do I need to consider anything else before I fit this card? Would it be more cost effective to purchase a whole new system? And most important, is the graphics card the problem of these games not running and if I fit a new card will cure the problem? Thanks for your time.

  exodus 11:12 22 Jan 2006

Whilst upgrading the graphics card may improve things in the short term, your cpu is going to cause a bottleneck. Game manufacturers will give the minimum specifications required to run the game (cpu and graphic card etc). You need to stay above minimum for reasonable results.

In my opinion, if you wish to play the latest games, then it may be better to purchase a 'motherboard bundle'. This consists of a new motherboard, cpu and ram. Using 1gb ram is common these days with XP.

The 6600GT is a good card, the 6800 is better but it all depends on how much you are prepared to spend.

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