Graphic Card replacement

  simonturner34 13:33 15 Aug 2010

I recently bought a new computer with an integrated graphics card (Intel GMA X4500 HD). However, since then I have realised that most new games require a non-integrated graphics card to work. Where can I find a fairly low cost and non-integrated graphics card that will allow me to run new games and how do I install it?

  johndrew 13:41 15 Aug 2010

For Reviews you could do worse than look at PCA's offerings click here. However, cost is relative to what you expect and what you want to pay. Perhaps you should first identify which graphics cards will suit your motherboard and needs, then decide on your budget and filter down to a shortlist.

Installation instructions are usually provided with the card.

  simonturner34 16:34 15 Aug 2010

I've found out that my PC's motherboard is a Pegatron IPMEL-AE Evans GL6 what graphics will work with that?

  AL47 21:17 15 Aug 2010

looks like you have pci-e x16 so youre in luck

new games? at what graphics settings?

and crucially.. how much

  simonturner34 17:48 16 Aug 2010

I'm not particularly bothered about settings as long as they work and not much above £100-£150.

  egapup 19:03 16 Aug 2010

Ebay aint bad.

  gazzaho 06:45 17 Aug 2010

I wouldn't like to advise you on which card to purchase as there are a lot of variables unknown to me in relation to your system. As AL47 says your in luck as the PCI-E x16 will allow you to fit newer cards, perhaps a Radeon HD 5570 or nVidia Geforce GT 240 for example.

With a graphics card you will also have to take into account the wattage of your power supply, high performance cards tend to need quite a lot of power in order to work, and some, if not most need 2 power connectors from the power supply unit.

If your power supply unit is rated at 400 watt and you have a lot of devices like perhaps 2 internal hard drives and CD/DVD type drives then adding a graphics card may consume more power than is available, for example some cards specify 500 watt as minimum. Be aware of the power supply needed for any card you choose and the number and type of power connectors (you may have to do some research on google in order to find power supply recommendations and connector types as retailers sometimes don't supply that information.) The graphics card power connectors can be 6 pin or 8 pin depending on the card, you may need to purchase converter cables in order to get the right connections for the card you choose.

  gazzaho 06:59 17 Aug 2010

Another thing I should have mentioned is the length of card, make sure the card you purchase will fit into the system, some cards can be quite long in lenght and may clash with other components like memory sockets on the motherboard. Newer cards also tend to take up 2 expansion slots so you may need to relocate an expansion card to another slot in order to fit the card.

If/when you get a card you will also have to enter the BIOS and switch off the integrated card so they don't clash, your motherboard manual will explain how to do this.

Here's a link I found to the motherboard you mentioned if you're interested (click here)

  simonturner34 18:34 17 Aug 2010

My power supply unit is 220 watts, but I onloy have one internal hardrive and I'm pretty sure only one disk drive.

  simonturner34 18:36 17 Aug 2010

All the information I've found has been here:

click here

or here:

click here

  wee eddie 19:10 17 Aug 2010

With only a 220W PSU, I doubt that the rest of your PC is up to the newer Games either.

I don't believe that putting in a £100+ Graphics Card is going to be sufficient to do the business. I could be wrong, but Gaming PCs usually come with PSUs rated at 500W+, which is needed to run the Processor and all the other bits, I think that you may be underpowered from square one.

There is always an 'However' ~ you should be able to run many of the older games with the right card and not spend as much either.

The Big Question ~ What is your Processor?

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