Graphic Card query

  wobbly76 13:59 21 Jul 2005

Is there anywhere that will show a chart describing what a graphic card will do, that is in groups saying:
Only basic graphics
Will do most games ect.
Top of the range- will do everything
Do all computers sold now handle 3D - whatever the price.
It's difficult for an ignoramous, I see names like- Radeon and
NVIDIA but that doesn't mean a thing to me.

Anybody help a poor old soul?


  Belatucadrus 14:08 21 Jul 2005
  wobbly76 14:23 21 Jul 2005

Thanks for the info, that'll help me see daylight.

  wobbly76 14:44 21 Jul 2005

unfortunately when I tried to go back to the site to have another
look I found I could not view anything without registering - this I resent, I do not have to give my name and address when I have a look round Woolworths or Argos.
I know this is just a ploy to find somewhere to dump their junk mail.
Pity really,

  vinnyT 15:35 21 Jul 2005

Have you tried clearing your cache/history, closed the browser and tried again. If it works go to the 3rd page and print it out.

  gudgulf 16:22 21 Jul 2005

You might find this article useful,and you do't need to register to view it click here

  Belatucadrus 17:03 21 Jul 2005

"I know this is just a ploy to find somewhere to dump their junk mail."

No it isn't, PCPro is a perfectly respectable magazine with a good website and they will only send you their e-mail newsletter if you ask for it. You registered With PCAdvisor why not PCPro ?

  wobbly76 20:18 21 Jul 2005

Oops, I didn't mean to suggest they weren't respectable, but why, why, why do they insist on my details before they will let me read anything.
It certainly isn't worth making an issue over :-)


  goonerbill © ® 22:30 21 Jul 2005

was going to recommend a good site but gudgulf beat me to it. go to the link that gudgulf put up, if you haven't already. it lists all graphics cards by performance using some of the most graphic intensive games to benchmark the cards.

  wobbly76 09:40 22 Jul 2005

Thanks everyone for the help, it's not that I want to play games but some educational programmes use a lot of graphics,
I'm a bit too long in the tooth for this " bang- bang you're dead "
sort of stuff, no disrespect to the younger generation, ( I've got
some of my own ).

Now, is it best to buy a machine with graphics on a seperate graphics card or is one on the mother board OK?

Thanks again, w76

  vinnyT 11:37 22 Jul 2005

If you can afford it, always go with seperate graphics, this not only means you get a better spec gcard, but also that the cpu isn't being used too much to render the graphics.

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