Graphic Card Problems 7800GT

  legalrep 23:45 13 Apr 2006

Hope some one can help regarding the following, I have an Evesham AK47 system 1gb ram twin 7800GT graphic gards (SLI) with windows xp pro, I have been running Call of Duty 2 with no problems until earlier tonight when I downloaded latestd Nvidea drivers. Now when I play the game I get starnge graphic problems, ie trails of light from the gun barrels and lines running from top to bottom of screen. I have trird rolling back to previous driver but what ever I do the problem is still there, really annoying any help would be great, not sure if I downloaded drivers correctly I read some where you should remove old drivers but I just download and instal over the top is this incorrect?

  007al 00:12 14 Apr 2006

You should uninstall drivers first.Then reboot and install new driver when windows detects new hardware.
Sometimes it works when you install over a driver,but its always best to uninstall the old,as you`ve found out.
Use this too click here

  legalrep 11:05 14 Apr 2006

Thanks 007 have done as you suggested I have reinstalled graphic card etc and downloaded drivers I knew were OK but whilst playing the game have the same problem! config is the same as 2 days ago before I downloaded drivers but whilst game is playing I gst same problem, do you think re install of the game may help?

  gudgulf 12:08 14 Apr 2006

Yes....try reinstalling the game.

Reinstall the motherboard chipset drivers too.

Also check that your game is updated with all the available patches.

Are you getting problems on any other games?

  007al 12:18 14 Apr 2006

Heres some patch information click here that might have something too

  legalrep 12:27 14 Apr 2006

Many hanks for your interest I have checked my other games and there is no problems with any of them, I have also downloaded latest patch still same problem! If I uninstall the game will I lose all my saved games? Its driving me mad I should learn to not mess with new drivers and stick to the if it aint broke dont fix it!

  gudgulf 12:47 14 Apr 2006

No you wont lose your save should get an option to either keep or delete them when uninstalling.

If you want to be sure your save games are safe you will find the Save folder in the Call of Duty 2 game program folder.Open Call of Duty 2 then open the folder marked "Main" and you will see the save folder......simply copy this to another location and you will have a backup.

  legalrep 12:53 14 Apr 2006

Thanks gudgulf will attempt to reinstall and let you know! your help is much appreciated

  legalrep 13:27 14 Apr 2006

No luck gudgulf reinstalled the game and still the same problem, everything works fine except for the coruption to the gun fire which leads to trails across the screen which gradually fade away. I'm at a total loss to understand why this is happening! any other ideas?

  User-312386 13:47 14 Apr 2006

After you installed the drivers did you turn all settings to maximum on the nvidia settings?

  legalrep 14:00 14 Apr 2006

Hello madboy do you mean within the game?

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