graphic card problems

  the kopite 15:10 03 Jul 2006

Hi Guy I have just installed a new hard drive and on trying to install my graphics card a mx440 the nvidia drivers will not install they go through the motions but the installation is over in seconds and of course they have failed to install even after saying instalation successful please reboot I tried downloading the latest drivers but they came up with no suitable hardware installed instalation ended any ideas guys thanks Kopite

  aca 20:06 03 Jul 2006

When you booted up for the first time after putting card in did Windows "see" the new graphics card and did the new hardware wizard start? Do you have XP?

What did you graphics card did you have in before (or same card) or were you using onboard graphics.

Go to Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager, is your graphics card in there at all?
And if yes has it got a question mark/exclamation mark?

Have you checked that the card is physically seated in the AGP Slot. Worth checking this.

  Totally-braindead 21:48 03 Jul 2006

Did you install the motherboard drivers? Reason I ask is I presume that you did a clean windows reinstall on the new drive, if you did this and did not install the drivers then that may be whats wrong.

  woodchip 21:56 03 Jul 2006

Copy the Drivers to the desktop, Start in Safe mode then run the drivers from the desktop to setup

  the kopite 21:58 03 Jul 2006

Hi Guys the new drive is okay its the old drive I put back in thats the problem befor I took it out it was fine this trouble has only occured since putting it back in there is nothing at all showing in device manager regarding graphics card and as I said when I tried to install the drivers it comes up with driver installed but it obviously has not installed and the latest driver I downloaded will not install saying there are no compatible drivers on my computer? it has me baffled

  the kopite 06:52 04 Jul 2006

Update Guys Thanks for the help but nothing has changed I have however managed to fix the reason why I needed to update my driver smooth scrolling I lowered the hardware accelerator in the monitor setting in desktop and now have smooth scrolling that jerky movement was driving me mad lol Kopite

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