Graphic Card problem

  Gavin Leeburn 16:03 07 Feb 2006

i recently (prob foolishly) bought a Dell Dimension 1100 Pentium 4 celeron 2.8 Ghz, 256 ram , with in built Intel extreme graphics (64mb) (rubbish for games), it only has 3 pci slots no pci e or AGP, so bit stuck, i bought doom 3 which installed ok but when played (even in low res) crashed within few minutes and was very jerky, i then went out and spent £70 on a gig of DDR DIMM ramm (PC3200) thinking this would approve things (went from 256 to a gig) , i was wrong still crashed, at same point, and was still really jerky, so i have recently just got a XFX geforce fx5200 256mb PCI card for 65 quid, i hope this will make it playable, has anyone any ideas if it will? as its getting dear to try and play this game. (PS looked at BFG geforce5500OC which looked same spec but was dearer)any help

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 16:12 07 Feb 2006

have you tryed adjusting the video aptiture in the bios

  Gavin Leeburn 16:18 07 Feb 2006

Havent got new graphics card yet, wont have it for wk or so, how do u adjust them Bios settings?

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 16:51 07 Feb 2006

1 turn off ps then turn it back on. when pc is starting up press F1 or DELETE till you get into the bios. then go to advanced scroll down to onboard video memory press enter. scroll down list untill you are on the MB size you want i would try 256 as you have 1bg memory installed press enter then F10 to save and exit . restart pc.

  Gavin Leeburn 20:08 07 Feb 2006

Will try that now, thanks.

  Gavin Leeburn 20:24 07 Feb 2006

its a dell dimension 1100, went into BIOS then memory the changed AGP Aperature from 128 to 256 MB (is that what u meant?) also under integrated devices changed onboard video buffer from 1 to 8 mb (thats the only 2 available)

thats all there really was for changing memory, Doom 3 still crashed at same point after i restarted! even when i turned everything off in graphics and set to low. when it crashed out (quite early in game when u meet scientist dude who says about whats hes done then all demons start to appear it bombs out to Desktop) the colours on my monitor fade a bit till i restart pc

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 00:52 08 Feb 2006

you said in your thread that it has no AGP slot whey does it say you have in the bios are you sure you dont have one AGP slot have you had a look inside your pc the AGP slot is brown and normally set above the pci slots well in the pc i have have a look if you havent

  Gavin Leeburn 09:39 08 Feb 2006

think agp aperature is a chunk of system ram allocated to the video card to use to store textures, dont think i have AGP slot, just 3 black PCI slots, def no brown ones.

  Gavin Leeburn 09:44 08 Feb 2006

u see the card i have at moment is a in built Intel extreme graphics card, i am waiting on my XFX Geforce 5200 256 MB PCI card.

  Echo1 15:58 19 Feb 2006

The Geforce 5200 25kMB PCI card should do you okay for most of todays games (maybe not on the highest settings, though) - so I hear.

I'm in the same boat as you as I have a Dell Dimension 3000. I read a few reviews on where two of the three reviewers (customers) have said it's very good. Actually I'll quote one:

"Amazed, January 26, 2006
Reviewer: seftonisation from eastbourne, east sussex United Kingdom
Wow this is the best card for the job of latest game releases. I have recently sold my old pci 128mb geforce 5200 and upgraded. I was thinking it might be not as inpresive as i thought it might be, but i was wrong it bloow me away.
any game that is up is out around now for example call of duty 2, doom 3 will run it on high definition 1024x789 or around the resolution. This is a card high in value and is brilliant for the poor sods who have a dell computer with just a pci slot."

With that opinion alone I am sold. I'm going to buy one myself in a few weeks time.

  Cybermaxx 16:58 19 Feb 2006

Doom 3 will run with a 5200, but not very well. At a guess, I would say 800 x 600, low settings. Does this PCI 5200 you're getting have a 64 or 128 bit memory interface, btw? You really need a better card to do the game justice, though!

When you do get the 5200 installed and working prperly, here's a few good first person shooters that I would recommend to run smoothly with it:-

Call of Duty
Return To Castle Wolfenstein
Quake 3 Arena

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