Graphic card problem

  eccy92 15:54 02 May 2004

I have recently installed a gigabyte Nvidia FX 5900 XT Graphic card in medion 1.3 GHz computer
running xp home edition it as 256 ddr ram memory
(cybercom)however when ever I try to play any 3d games like comanche 4 tomb raider the game will play for a couple of minutes then the screen goes black (Freezes) and I have to reboot the computer and start again. I have installed graphic cards before but only ones that just go into the AGP slot and not like this one that also requires power from one of the spare leads inside does it matter witch one you use they are all numbered example p1. I would be grateful for any help thanks David

  LastChip 16:04 02 May 2004

No. It makes no difference which one you choose.

Visit the graphics card manufacturers web site and make sure you have the most recent drivers.

  ulrich 17:06 02 May 2004

Is your PSU up to it, what voltage is it, also have you uninstalled the old drivers?

  citadel 17:33 02 May 2004

The card you have needs more power than old cards, so it could be a psu problem. has a section where you can check what power supply you need by ticking boxes matching what you have installed on your computer. Windows xp runs better with 512 ram, some games are best with 1024 ram installed.

  eccy92 12:28 03 May 2004

There was no old drivers to uninstall the old intergrated. Where can I find out the voltage of the psu. Just going back to the power leads does it matter in which order they are connected to the differant pieces of hardware like the hard drive and cd drive as I may have changed these around when fitting the graphic card

  dfghjkl 12:59 03 May 2004

the power leads can be put in any order.have a look at your power supply,it will have a sticker on it stating the power output,you will need at least 300w or probably 350w i would think to power that card.i would be interested to know if it is a power problem as i am interested in buying that card.have you disabled all the previous drivers? and checked the bios to see if any changes are needed.good luck.peter

  ThePharcyde007 14:03 03 May 2004

I am running a P3.4/800 radeon 9800Pro 1024DDR400 ram on a 300Watt so if I can run on that if your PSU is only 300 Watt then its not that. open the case it will be marked on the side.

when it freezes, are you able to get into Windows by pressing ctrl alt del or pressing the window key?

  Rayuk 14:13 03 May 2004

There must have been drivers on before you changed it,even if it had integrated graphics.
Best to uninstal and reinstal latest drivers.

  eccy92 14:47 03 May 2004

I think that where the problem lies then the output is only 250w. When I did install the drivers I got a message on the lines that the card had not been tested for compatibility with xp and I should stop the installation I have seen this message before when I installed a driver for my joypad but the instruction booklet told me just to ignore it and press the install anyway button never had no trouble with that.
Anyway thanks for your help jeers

  eccy92 15:16 03 May 2004

Would anyone have any recommendations for a good graphic card for my system being that the output is only 250w thanks again

  ted bear 15:20 03 May 2004

hi - in windows updates there is a fix for freezing during games when video starts to play - maybe this will help.

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