graphic card install?

  suzzieQ 16:00 10 Feb 2009

I have a compaq S6000NX with 2.7 processor,256mb ram,40gb hard drive.
i want to install a PNY nVIDIA Geforce 6200 256mb PCI DVI/VGA video card with software.
My question is are these compatable?
If so PLEASE walk me through the steps so i don't mess up.
Thank You:suzzie

  suzzieQ 16:06 10 Feb 2009

I forgot to mension my pc already has a NVIDIA Gart driver installed, came in it when it was new.

  suzzieQ 17:32 10 Feb 2009

Please explain this: i have 2 empty pci slots above the network card. which one do i use? they both look identicle. im reading different things abought how this should be done,confusing.

  citadel 17:44 10 Feb 2009

you can use any of the two slots that are available.
insall card, restart, windows new hardware found wizard starts and asks for driver, use disc that came with card, go to device manager, find your new card, properties, make sure it says use this device. take anti static precautions by touching a radiator before you start.

  suzzieQ 18:26 10 Feb 2009

citadel, i installed the card, wizzard came up but the mouse is froze so i can't do anything.

  citadel 19:26 10 Feb 2009

It could be a conflict between onboard graphics and the new card. if you remove the new card and restart it should go back to the onboard graphics.
download your motherboard manual and find out if you need to disable onboard graphics in the bios before installing the new card.

  suzzieQ 19:56 10 Feb 2009

citadel: i went to bios changed to pci went to C:/
removed check from hide protected system files and checked show hidden files. i had a large screen and over to one side with black line up one side. i read the large screen is normal, i got that far but couldn't figure out the rest. what could i have done at that point? ive removed the new card and restored back. if you could tell me the trick i will try again. the wise thing would probebly find an expert.
thank for your help: suzzie

  citadel 20:27 10 Feb 2009

If you change the bios to pci. install card restart. the wizard should start and then you install driver from disc. make sure the use this device is your new card in device manager. if that dosent work I am beaten.

  suzzieQ 22:08 10 Feb 2009

citadel,i had it set at use this device in device manager also.
Im reading a paragraph in an HP site abought installing a card and it says that when windows opens it should find the new hardware (and it did)the screen resolution will be low and will probebly appear larger than usual,this is normal. thats it. Is the screen suppose to be very large? and stay that way? you say set bios install card,start up then set device manager. or set bios and device manager then do card and start?
Let me know and i will try again.
thank you for your help:suzzy

  suzzieQ 00:31 11 Feb 2009

citadel, i think i got the card in rite this time. My pc tv is a lot better,thats why i was trying a video card in the first place. But like i said i read on the HP site that it would be a large screen and thats normal,can you confirm that,please. My screen has moved over 1" to the left and has a black line on the rite side and i can't see all the screen on the left. everything is just huge. can that be fixed or is that what a video card does?im useing this pc for a 32" tv so it mite be good for that,i'll see in a day or 2.
Please reply my questions and then i will leave you be,Thank You for your help:

  suzzieQ 00:50 11 Feb 2009

Im just learning the card setting,resolution and stuff. Im learning the computer on my on so i appologize for the stupid questions but in the past few years ive learnned how to get inside this thing pretty good by asking stupid questions.
anyway thanks:suzzie

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