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  DaNn6789 15:49 27 Dec 2005

For christmas i got a newer computer from what i had, a dell demension 1100. with it i bought counterstrike source and tried playing it, but did not work because of the video card i have. i bought a new 1 which would run directX 9, but when i came to install it i found there was no slot that it could fit into. i would be very grateful if some of you could help me with finding a card that would fit in my computer.
Thanks DaNn

  Slithe 15:52 27 Dec 2005

OK - you need to find what type of card your motherboard supports- is it AGP or PCI? AGP is a brown slot, whilst PCI is white. If you open up your case, then you can look and find out.

I am presuming that you have onboard graphics with the Dell?

  DaNn6789 16:02 27 Dec 2005

i have 3 PCI Slots and yer i do have an onboard graphics card.

  Slithe 16:17 27 Dec 2005

If you cannot see a brownish slot, then your board takes a PCI-Express Card. Was the card you bought AGP? If not, a PCI Express Card should fit your board.

I'm not totally sure where the slot should be, near the processor, I think - my most recent boards have been AGP.

As for what card you want, depends upon how much you want to spend, how much video ram you need, ideally 128MB+, and whether or not, I am presuming you want the PC for games, a RAM upgrade may also be worthwhile as it, along with a new graphics card will really speed up games.

  DaNn6789 16:30 27 Dec 2005

yer i think the card i bought is an AGP, cheers for that Slithe. I have 512Mb of Ram, that should be enough for counterstrike source? Is there any PCI cards for about £90 or under because im on a tight budget?

  Slithe 16:37 27 Dec 2005

Should be - now is the right time of year to get a bargain, most of the big retailers and online ones are offering sale goods. If it's been a poor Christmas retail wise, then the bargains will be greater.

I got a 256MB AGP card from PC World on Sat for £50, so there are bargains out there.

My advice to you, would be to double check your board, the give away is the brown slot - that will automatically tell you its AGP. If not, then look at the Dell Website, find your PC model and look for the Motherboard manufacturer and model number.

After this, look the model up - this will give you a full outline of the board, and will confirm where you need to put the graphics card, whether it is AGP or PCI. I am not sure where a PCI card goes, it may be specific, might not be. Don't want to tell you wrong place and leave you with a broken card.

Extra RAM may help for games, I have 1GB and along with the new card, most games run at blazing speeds. However, I have several processes running that use up RAM.

Hope this helps

  DaNn6789 16:42 27 Dec 2005

cheers, yer uv been a great help.
Thanks again

  rdave13 16:47 27 Dec 2005

Try Crucial click here. Also do the same for ram.

  007al 17:14 27 Dec 2005

Is this the pc you have? click here
If so,looking at the spec,there is no way of upgrading from the onboard graphics.The only extra slots are the pci slots.You need an AGP or PCI-E slot to add a graphics card.

  Slithe 19:26 27 Dec 2005


I've had a look as well, at the Dell Website and I think that 007al is right, I've looked through your model and spec and cannot find any hint of AGP or PCI-Express slot on the motherboard.

I would try to call Dell sometime, probably tomorrow EARLY or wait a bit, it'll be busy with the technical calls from Christmas.

Hopefully, Dell will be able to tell you for definate, and that we've missed something. It does seem odd, as most motherboards I've come across have supported at least one. I haven't tried Rdave's option, and that may yield more results.

If you find you can't get a card, I'd seriously consider the possibility of returning the PC to Dell. I'm not sure of the refund policy, but I should imagine that as it's an Xmas present (?) and so long as you have all the packaging and calmly explain the story to Dell they might be able to help you or exchange it for a model with the option of adding a card.

Unfortunately, things like this are common with Dell, they are a pain to upgrade. I hope you can add a card, and good luck with whatever option you take - onboard graphics will be no good for intense gaming.

  DaNn6789 00:25 28 Dec 2005

iv been looking around for just a PCI graphics card, would this be any good for my computer? click here baring in mind that i wish to play counterstrike source, which requires DX9 please reply soon and tell me if this is any good please
thank you

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