graphic card dead or something else?

  frankie 21:24 10 Nov 2006

was fine today went to make cuppa came back monitor said no signal...its a dvi and analogue monitor thats with the white connector and blue one,turned off and on no beeps from motherboard but still no signal,reseated it tried again still no signal,tried cable in blue one still no signal...mercifully have onboard graphics so got the blue to blue cable and connected that way up and running ok, would it be card or cable as no bleeps on mboard,me thinks maybe cable? i,m just a dabbler at the end of day have no other pc to check card/cable on

  woodchip 21:25 10 Nov 2006

DEAD PSU= Power Supply

  frankie 21:49 10 Nov 2006

didnt check if fan was turning on card...but is that not powered by agp slot?pc running fine now on onboard graphics.

  ed-0 22:06 10 Nov 2006

If it's the same cable as the one you tried on you're multi output graphics card. Then it would seem to be your graphics card that has the fault.

  woodchip 22:07 10 Nov 2006

Yep looks like the Cardis dead.

Hi ed-0

  frankie 22:12 10 Nov 2006

do they just die like that then no warning.

  woodchip 22:16 10 Nov 2006

If there is a Fan and it stops working it can. But also memory in computer hardware is not Military speck, so that can be a problem with amount that put on Graphics cards now. My first Ati card had 1mb memory I fitted another 1mb. So the More Memory the more chance of faults developing in it

  frankie 22:27 10 Nov 2006

imb? this card had 256.... real pain display seems fine for me kids with games may suffer though...the card was a nvidia geoforce, the motherboard built in one is sis do i now need to delete the now unwanted nvidia ones if card is dead or leave it thanks card is now out of case

  woodchip 22:32 10 Nov 2006

remove it first from add remove in control panel then do a search of C:\ drive for nvidia and delete what it finds

  ed-0 22:37 10 Nov 2006

" do they just die like that then no warning. "

yes they can. I have had two, over the years, just do that.

Hi woodchip

  frankie 22:44 10 Nov 2006

good to have onboard graphics as a back up i found out.....before i resolve this with you good people got to get another agp graphic card for the kids games...can you recommend a good one budget about a 100-00 max thanks all for your help with problem thus far

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