Is this Graphic card to big for my PC

  charles60 20:58 16 Mar 2011

Sorry its me again. As you know I am building my own super computer over the next few mths have been buying bits as i go along I am now up to buying the Graphic card next mth. One that I am looking at is the "ASUS GeforceGTX580 DirectCUII" which was recommended Now this a fairly big card at 11 inchs long by 5 inchs wide my main concern Is firstly will it fit my Motherboard which is a "GA-X58A-UD3R" and my Computer case is a SilverStone Fortress FT02. If you think its to big will go back to my first choice which was the Gigabyte one. the reason I want to go for the Asus one is that it is over clocked and fairly easy to over clock more also its a lot quieter and cooler than the others I have looked at So just want to find out if it will fit my case and mother board without any problems. PROMISE this will be the last Question will ask before I come back next mth .Thanks for any advice. Sorry forum Manager for putting this in twice the 1st I thought I had put in as a new thread Sorry

  User-312386 21:18 16 Mar 2011

You can ask as many questions as you like! However, a tape measure will answer this one, measure from the back of the computer to the front, if its under 11 inches you are ok.

  charles60 22:23 16 Mar 2011

Have just checked the PC Case it can take cards up 12 inches so thats OK Its the motherboard that worries me as the graphic card 5 inch wide would that interfre with any of the coponents on the motherboard that I have.

  ACOLYTE 22:40 16 Mar 2011

Take into account that once the card is installed, the shroud's height is actually measured from the slot downards (since the card is upside down when installed). So, you just need to have a free slot BELOW the PCIe slot.As for the width i cant see that bieng a problem as long as your case is more than 5inches wide:)

  gengiscant 09:33 17 Mar 2011

Morning Eric,I have downloaded your Mobo motherboard and although the grapics card will take up 3 slots,thats the backplates you remove so that the connectors will fit through,you stil have plenty of space for additional PCI cards like a TV card or sound card etc.

As for the case, has good reviews but is very bland.I bought this one which I think is a thing of here

  charles60 10:58 17 Mar 2011

JESUS GLEN!!!! Its a bit LOUD ant it :-) I see you like red then Dont think that's for me though. Thanks for the advice mate. The reason I changed my mind on the Choice card was the ASUS its a bit faster than the stock 580s. going back to your pc What colour is your Keyboard and Speakers then ? are they red as well? Also can you give some recomaditions for FPS beside Call of Duty Black Ops that's if you don't mind of course Take care mate speck to you soon

  gengiscant 11:29 17 Mar 2011

My keyboard is a Saitek Eclipse 111 with red backlighting click here

My steelseries headphones are red and my Mionix Saiph 3200 mouse click here which also lights up.

As FPS FSP games I highly recommend Dead Space 2, Metro 2033, Left for Dead 2 but you play online with 3 other people, I don,t normally do online but I love this.
I also recently bought this mouse mat:click here bear in mind it is big, 35 inches by 17 and a half. But gives me plenty of space to move mouse and also the keybdoesn'tosent move either.

  gengiscant 11:30 17 Mar 2011

'keybdoesn'tosent' should be,keyboard doesnt

  charles60 11:39 17 Mar 2011

Thanks for that mate I also don't like playing on line rather play on my own. :-0 if you see what i mean

  charles60 11:53 17 Mar 2011

Well is the last thing to sort out with me as well Glen is the mouse mat as well. Was going to go for the Razer Mamba wireless Mouse.but heard that it is not all that reliable.So I got the Longitech Performance mouse MX the thought the mouse mat would be straight forward but no its so totally confusing there are so many different types and sizes . I think a one to go for that's good with games and is ok for normal PC work as well

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