Is this graphic card any good and is it compatable

  Ivor_Monkey 18:06 07 Jul 2006

The small fan on the geforce ti500 graphic card has brokena dnI also need a new power supply. So I'm thinking of this graphic card:
Sapphire Radeon 9600 AGP X8 256MB DDR DVI TV-Out Retail Box

click here
Can anyone advise on whether it is any good and whether it is compatable wiht the following. An evesham pc with a via A7V333 mobo 1800+ chip and 512 ram. Becuas eit is a short temr fix, I don;t want to blow huge sums on a AGP card. With the old mobo I am thinking a slight upgrade now rather than a major leap to AM2 etc

I will be upgrading the power supply unit to a 500-600w hiper or something (a bit of future protection).


  keef66 18:53 07 Jul 2006

Had a quick look at your mobo manual and it's got an AGP pro slot which means it takes 1.5v cards like those available now. So you should be OK with the one you've linked to. Actually looks a bargain. More a stopgap than an upgrade though.

If you want an upgrade get a 6600gt. Ebuyer have them for less than £90 now

  aca 22:23 07 Jul 2006

good budget card at a very good price

  Ivor_Monkey 22:36 07 Jul 2006

Thanks. I don't want to spend too much on card now if my next mobo is something that doesn't take AGP.

But will I see much differecne in performance
compared wiht a geforce3 ti500?

Thanks again.

  Ivor_Monkey 22:50 07 Jul 2006

...and anothe rthought...would this one provide a good improvement in performance?

click here

Where can i see the 1.5v specif. And does the clock speed spec matter?

  Ivor_Monkey 23:15 07 Jul 2006

Sorry to ask so many separate questions, but I'm a novice on graphic cards.
Doe smy mobo have 1.5v 4X (or something similar) and if so does that mean that the latest card would be a waste of money or limited in some way? Thanks again.

  aca 23:42 07 Jul 2006

Im no expert but I have a similar age motherboard and got on the track of upgrading graphics cards. Ended up getting a 9800 pro a year or so ago, great card but was bottlenecked by CPU/motherboard. Didnt get a great deal of improvement. I then upgraded CPU and also added RAM.

I used it to replace a Ti500 (which is still an excellent and fast card). I swapped this into a PC I built for my son. He has just installed Half Life 2 and it runs ok, and runs quite a few of latest(but not very latest) games. (UT2004/MOH/SIMS2)

It all depends on what you want to use PC for?

My advice is go for the 9600. It will run most games (all except the most demanding and you can run on lower quality settings). At £29 a very good deal.

Save £££s for a future system upgrade.

  keef66 20:02 08 Jul 2006

your agp slot is 4x speed; most cards are 8x, which was as fast as agp ever got. However, 8x isn't twice as fast as 4x, so you're not missing out on much performsnce wise. Mines the same.

That 9600 is a bargain, but I'm not sure if you'd see it as an upgrade from your ti500. The 6800xt would definitely be better, or as I suggested earlier, a 6600GT.

You have to decide how much you're prepared to spend on this system.

I decided £60 was the max I could justify spending on mine, so I went for a plain 6600.

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