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  [email protected] 12:17 15 Nov 2006

I recently had an in-home PC World Health check with the view of upgrading my HP Pavilion 710 desktop computer, which I bought from PC World just over 4 and half years ago.
The specification of it is 1.3GHz processor speed, 40GB hard drive, RAM Memory 128 MB, Graphic display 4 MB on-board intel, also sound card on-board AC97 audio.
I decided to upgrade the memory as it was running very slow in getting to one thing to another, then I decided to improve the graphic card, so I got in contact at the technical dept for PC World, which they call themselves techguys.
They gave me information on what type of memory cards and graphic card that would be suitable to put into the machine. But warn me about ventilation as some graphic cards do not have fans in.
The problem that I have is with the graphic card that I bought, I followed there advice on what type of graphic card to get, which could be any AGP 4x interface type which I could go up to 256MB as there is one PCI slot available for a AGP upgrade graphic card, and I told them which graphic card that I have chosen which they said that this would be suitable.
After the engineer install the components, the graphic card came up with a message stating that it did not have enough power to run it, so he put a lead that was supplied with the graphic card and plug it into another power source which he thought that he had solved the problem, but after he left I went to put on the computer and it would not switch on, I check the cable that it was push in enough also the fuse, but it still did not turn on. So I phoned the techguys up and told them what problem that I am having, they was passing me through different people until they looked up details regarding the computer specification and the graphic card, and they told me that the computer has a low main power supply in which was a 200 Watt and I need a 450 Watt main power supply to run the graphic card and any other components, as when it was built it only had low power components in.
I said to them that I was not advice about that this graphic card would not run on this computer as it has a low power consumption.
They told me that this issue is not there problem as they have upgrade to what I ask for, and as it was working at the time the engineer was there and nothing else gone wrong, it was not warranty for another engineer to come out to solve or put another power supply in, what I had to do was to get in touch with PC World itself to see if they have any, and it would be up to the stores to arrange to fit them, so I phone the line where you get through to stores availabilities, apart from my local store or any other stores they did not have none at all.
So after spending about 2 hours on the phone going from one dept to another and getting no where, I would not like to hesitate on how much my phone bill will come to, but I was really fed up. So only options that was left was, get someone who could supply and fit another power unit in which is more expense, or to get someone to take out the graphic card and go back to the on-board graphic card.
People rely on any technical and support advice when it comes to upgrading any components, and PC World seem to not look into any other problems that could occur or don’t want to help only passing the problems to someone else, it bad enough waiting to speak to someone straight away with out going through a system.
Hope that my views about PC World regarding this matter will be publish to let people know about when upgrading any components, to be aware of all the facts before going to upgrade..
L Bradbury

  keithlik 15:07 15 Nov 2006

Your comments are noted and perhaps you should learn that it is best to just ask for the dealers advice on an upgrade. Ask him to confirm what work he recommends and give you a written quotation for doing the job.

Once you start specifying what you want you are taking some responsibility for the outcome.

I have found that there is usually a local small dealer who is concerned to give good service and keep his valued customers. Find one.

Your experience is not unique, unfortunately.

  citadel 16:29 15 Nov 2006

I would have said all you needed was some more memory as 128 is a very small amount.

  Kate B 16:34 15 Nov 2006

The person who advised you on the upgrade to the graphics card should, I think, have mentioned that it would need a power supply with more welly, particularly as s/he was looking at the whole machine. But I don't think you have any comeback, though you could write a polite letter expressing surprise that s/he didn't mention this which has caused you some inconvenience.

Just buy a new power supply and fit it yourself. It's not difficult.

  [email protected] 17:23 15 Nov 2006

your comment has been noted, but the point is that PC World which is one of the major companies there technical support team should be experience enough to give out advice on any upgrades as they have imost specification nformation on models that they sell, they gave me what type of graphic card to get which i gave them the full specification to which they said that would be alright, but they did not tell me about the power supply until i phone up, about not able to turn the computer on, then they told me what was wrong it was the power supply was only 200Watt and it was not strong enough and i need a more powerful one about 450 Watt,even though i suggest to arrange an engineer to come out to find out what type of power unit i need and to order one get it fitted by them, but they did not want to know and said it was up to PC World stores to order and arrange for it to be fitted and not them.
the other point is, while the engineer was setting it up it came up with the message stating that there was not enough power to run the graphic card which i thought that he should have check for the cause instead of putting an extra lead into another power source.
however i have contacted a local dealer to come and check things out and to see if he can fit one, but this is extra expence than expected, apart it like crawling to him to finish off other people work instead of getting him to do it in the first place.

  [email protected] 18:07 15 Nov 2006

i have now arrange for another local dealer to come out to see what type of power unit that i need, but this is going to cost me extra than expected, through PC World poor advice, what realy got to me apart from not going to help me, i would have thought that when the engineer was fitting the graphic card in it came up with the message stating that there was not enough power to run it,which instead of checking the cause of it, he put the extra lead which was supplied with the graphic card and put into an extra power source which he thought that it had solve the problem but it did not.
so now i have to crawle to someone else to finish off other people work instead of getting him to do it in the first place.

  keithlik 11:21 17 Nov 2006

We all know now ehere NOT to go for our bits and bobs!

  keef66 12:36 17 Nov 2006

why did you want to put a graphics card in? just to make it go a bit quicker (not using system RAM), or do you want to play games on it?

How did you decide what card to go for, and which model have you bought? It must be fairly powerful if it requires an additional power connector.

I'd reccommend anyone considering upgrading a 4-5 yr old pc to look instead at the price of a new base unit. If you add up what you'll have spent on memory, graphics card and power supply, particularly when you have to pay someone to do the work, you'll be close to the cost of a replacement system.

  [email protected] 17:42 17 Nov 2006

Your comment has been noted, regarding to your part of question of why did I want to put another graphic card in? the reason for this I want to be able to use it for either graphic designing or video editing better photos as well as games, with a 4MB which you must admit is poor standard these days, I suppose I could have put a 128MB but most computers has a 256MB in, but I did choose a graphic card to what the computer manufactures specified of what it can cope up to in its maximum, like I did with the memory RAM and I asked about it and they told me that it was o.k.,
To the second part I agree that it would have been easier to gone and get another new one, but I did not bargain for the graphic cards of these days especially the ordinary AGP type to be more powerful and high technology like the PCI Express connections, but the trouble is when deciding about any components especially when buying off the internet there is no descriptions regarding what power it needs to run them only what slots it plugs into etc.
L Bradbury

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