Graph Data in MS-Word – 200 or 2010

  Furkin 12:02 14 Mar 2014

Hi guys,

I’m trying to make a simple new bar graph.

I’m keeping tabs on my Blood pressure, but I don’t have it taken at the same date/day each time.

I’ve managed to edit all axis’s,,,, except the dates.

I don’t want it to read the same day/date every month – rather the date that I input the data.

How do I emend this please ?


  hastelloy 19:55 14 Mar 2014

I'm puzzled as to why you're trying to make graphs in Word. Wouldn't Excel be better?

  Furkin 09:00 15 Mar 2014

Don't know !

Never tried it.

Will have a look - thanks.

  Furkin 10:48 15 Mar 2014

I have now created a graph in excel.

It brings up the same Format that I was using for Word.

I have managed to put the number range up the left & altered to 70 - 200, in increments of 5.

I have managed to put in the words Systolic & Diastolic, with the correct 'line'.

I want the dates to go across the bottom. When I put one date in the chart, it shows up on the graph. As soon as I add another date, it changes - automatically - to the 1st of every month, ignoring what I wanted them to say.

All I want to do now, is input the date that I want, not what the program wants.

I'm sure I'm just being dim, but I can't seem to get that right.


  hastelloy 14:05 15 Mar 2014

I don't quite understand how you are trying to do this.

Have you created a table in excel and then used this to create your graph? If so, the data on your graph should be the same as that on the table.

  Furkin 08:50 16 Mar 2014

When I did this in Word, I double clicked the graph, & it came up with, what I assumed, was a bit of Excel - to input the details.

This was automatically transferred to the Word graph.

When I did my first one (can't remember which MS version - but early), I could put the dates in as I wanted to, but that changed with later versions (or it's more likely that they only changed it, & I couldn't/didn't follow it !?).

I am now trying the same thing in Excel, and after a few trials, it seems that I’ve got it all right,,,,, except the dates across the bottom.


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  Furkin 08:52 16 Mar 2014
  hastelloy 14:39 16 Mar 2014


Firstly, is you top row (the dates) formatted to date = dd/mm/yy?

  1. Click on your graph
  2. select the Format tab
  3. On the left hand side click on Chart Area and select Horizontal (Category) Axis from the menu
  4. Click on Format Selection
  5. Check that Axis Options is selected on the right side and, under Axis Type (just above half-way down) select Text Axis.

You may need to change the alignment of your dates along the bottom of the chart.

I think this will achieve what you want.

Incidental, when inserting your graph,you select columns A to M, this will give you a graph for a full 12 months - all you need to do is fill in the data each month. For those months with no data the graph will show zero.

As an alternative, you could use a column chart instead - this will no show anything where data has not been inserted. You may need to cahnge the alignment of you date along the bottom of the chart.

  hastelloy 14:54 16 Mar 2014

On reflection, I ought to clarify my remark about the date alignment.

If you have too many data sets, the dates, if left horizontal, will run into each other and be unreadable.

To change this, follow the procedure in my last post to step 4. Then select Alignment from the right column (at the bottom). Then from Text direction you can rotate by 90 or 270 degrees depending on which you find suits you.

  Furkin 20:54 16 Mar 2014

Yep - that's done it.

Thank you.

I'd been on the Format Selection a dozen times, but don't understand it !

A great help - thanks again.

  hastelloy 08:36 17 Mar 2014

Glad it's all sorted. Thanks for the feedback.

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