Grainy thumbnail pictures in Internet Explorer

  dangermouse 17:44 17 Mar 2003

Thumbnail JPGs and GIFS on websites are displaying grain or 'pixelation', although advertising banners seem OK, as do JPG and GIF images already stored on disk - I display those using IrfanView.

In addition, when I use some programs which change large chunks of graphics for different menu options, the graphics go all strange colours and distorted before redisplaying OK, although this can take a few seconds. I've also noticed that some programs, such as System Mechanic take more then 5 seconds to launch from the desktop - this only started happening a few days ago, possibly after installing the Zoomify plugin for IE, and I don't think that this can be removed.

I've tried reinstalling the display driver, but this has made no difference, although I could only use copies of the existing files as I don't have the original Windows disks.

It's a Win98SE system using IE 5.5 SP2 and a S3 Trio 64V + PCI (765) graphics card.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this problem.

  DieSse 20:05 17 Mar 2003

Have you answered your own question here??

I feel sure you must be able to remove a plug-in from IE - but don't ask me to try it please.

  dangermouse 08:23 18 Mar 2003

I couldn't find the plugin in the Add/Remove options in Control Panel, but I found it as an Active X control in the Windows\DownloadedProgramFiles folder.

Removing it has made no difference. I've also run the repair option for IE in Add/Remove programs.

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