grafix card problem

  daddygrumpling 15:36 10 Jan 2008

I have a sony vaio m-1 desktop that runs an old ATI Radeon mobility 9200 grafix card. The card has died and try as I may, I cannot source a replacement.Have even tried sony direct.
Can anyone suggest a supplier who might have one of theses now obsolete cards or can anyone suggest a suitable alternative that I could use with a matching pin profile?

I can get the non mobility version but that will not fit.

Hope someone can help

  Totally-braindead 15:54 10 Jan 2008

Can you say why a normal card will not fit. I would assume its an AGP slot card and if so then the only problem you might have is if the card is smaller than the norm, IE half high.
If that is the case then you could get a low profile card to fit.

Unless Sony use some weird graphics slot but I can so no reason why they would, it would just be more expense.

  keef66 16:12 10 Jan 2008

It's a weird all-in one design, more like a laptop than a desktop, hence the use of a laptop graphics card.

No idea where you'd get one from though.

  Totally-braindead 16:14 10 Jan 2008

Correction on my earlier posting.

I've now had a look at it and am unsure if it even has a seperate graphics card. I did not realise when I posted it was one of those all in one systems.

If it does have a seperate graphics card and you can remove it and if it is an AGP low profile card then you can get a replacement. Like this click here if it is AGP or this if its PCI Express click here just as examples.

Unless someone else comes back to you I would email Sony and ask them what sort of card it is and ask them if you could replace it with a low profile AGP card or if not then what socket does the card fit into? IE some more info on what it is. It must either be PCI Express or AGP.

  keef66 16:39 10 Jan 2008

I'm certain it's a laptop type component. I'm typing on a Dell Latitude D600, and that has mobility radeon 9000 graphics, so I imagine it's similar. It is AGP, but not in the conventional sense.

I remember reading an article about upgrading graphics in a Dell laptop, so it might be replaceable, but I can't find anyone selling one. On the other hand it might be a chip soldered onto the motherboard, in which case you're buggered!

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