Up-grading win95 to 98, refuses help.

  jospar 13:13 05 Sep 2003

Working on a compaq deskpro p3,600hz with 196 ram and 10g western ditigal hhhd, at the moment it is running win95, which I want to up grade to win98. But every time I try to up grade, I get two messages.

1,(setup scandisk dialog box) The file D:\win98\csandisk.exe' is not a valid ms-dos program file. it may be damaged?

and when I click the o.k buttom I get another dialog box, this time a win98 setup.

Setup does not have enough convential memory to check you computers hard drive. you need to free some memory befor continuing.

For imformation on freeing conventional memory, see Setup.txt on set up disk 1 or win98 cd.

The only thing on the hard drive is win95, aprox 118mb of data!

If I manualy scandisk under win95, then this goes with out a hitch, and logs no problems with the hhd.

If I reformated and did a clean install would this solve my problems?

Also can any tell me are the the controllers for ide and such all contained in the bios, and would be effected by a reformat, or would I be able to copy these files to a floppy disk, for back up.

I hope I've given all info needed as I,m off to work and won't be able to answer any querries on anything I missed until later to night.

  Philip2 13:26 05 Sep 2003

I never upgrade over another OS i reformat and do a clean install of coarse you will need the full version and i would upgrade to Windows ME as 98 will not be supported from next year but that is your choice,but do remember to back up any files
you want to keep as ALL DATA WILL BE LOST you will also require other disk for graphic card driver modem ect.

  Strawballs 13:29 05 Sep 2003

You should be able to simply formatt & clean install without any problems

  Megatyte 13:36 05 Sep 2003

It sounds like your W98 CD is damaged. If so you'll have the same problems with a clean install.


  Diemmess 16:30 05 Sep 2003

If 98SE is your goal, follow Philip2 and start from a clean drive. All the drivers you need are in generic form on the CD. Main exceptions are for the PCI and graphic cards, but you should have those anyway ................ If the CD looks alright and was factory made I doubt if it is damaged, but if it is a pirate copy then it may already be becoming unreadable, and you should think again.

  jospar 22:25 05 Sep 2003

Thanks all,

After letting the computer sleep for the afternoon, and also given the cd disk a bit of clean, it has decided to give me some more info. It seems that because the win98 I have is a full version (the real mccoy) then It has decided that if I want to install over the win95, then I will need to get a win98 up-grade version ehh!

So it looks like I will have to do a clean install anyway.

The two reasons that win98 is being installed are that its a copy that I have already paid for and used on a now defunk machine, so its a case want not waste not, and also this system is being done for the kids, so that they can play there win98 games on, so will not have any other purpose.

Thanks for all your help

  Megatyte 02:54 06 Sep 2003

The only difference between the upgrade and the full version is that the upgrade will look/ask for a previous qualifying version. If the W98 CD that you have is damaged then it will not install 'over the top' OR clean. One way of checking the integrity of the CD is to make a new folder(the Desktop is a good place), right click the CD icon in My Computer(with the 98 CD installed), and select explore. Select all files and copy. Paste into your new folder. If the copy and paste procedure hangs or returns an error then the CD is corrupted/damaged.


  krypt1c 06:10 06 Sep 2003

It's not something I've tried, but this is a utility that calims to check a cd for corrupt files. click here

  Horseman 12:51 06 Sep 2003

I had the same problem. The full version will just not install over Win95. Clean install worked perfectly so your CD probably OK.

  jospar 15:38 06 Sep 2003


I will try both megatyte and krypt1c, before trying a clean install. I will let you all know what happens or if I bale out on it, as even though it's for my kids, the machine is actualy their dads and will be at his house.

So I dread it going wrong a bit of one upmanship on my part, he could never cope with my independant streak.

  jospar 13:04 09 Sep 2003

Almost baled out, then decided to go ahead anyway!

First I tried krypt1c advise, can't really say weather it does all it says, it was so long winded that I ended up giving up. (if the info was correct it was going to take something like 30 hours to complete?)

So then I tried megatyte idea, a lot quicker, this showed I had some problems. But lucky my ex, had a copy of win98 that I could use.

Then the nightmare began!

5 hours to format and reinstall an operating systems!

In the end I had to take the hard drive out, and then piggy back this onto my spare system (several times to work out which pins to jump for slave drive), format the drive from here, then replace into the compaq system. Then install.

Thankfully it is now up and running awaitng to be returned, so got one stinking headache and feeling very reliefed

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