Up grade problem

  hecate 09:39 06 Apr 2003

I've just fitted a new MOBO (Asus A7S333) complete with AMD Duron 1.3 and 256mb DDR memory (Windows 98 se op).Everything went fine,or so I thought.I powered up and up came the BIOS screen.I was able to alter any settings -returning them to default of course. But I can't get out of the BIOS. Pressing cont+alt+del only powers down my computer.I'm probably doing something stupid but can anyone out there help?. Many thanks,Hecate.

  KrySTaL-KoDE 10:42 06 Apr 2003

Can't get out of the BIOS? Gee, I've never been in that situation. Perhaps you're just overlooking something really simple, like the correct function key.

  Nipsen 2 11:11 06 Apr 2003

Will pressing esc. or F10 help ?

  hecate 08:25 27 Apr 2003

Many thanks to KrySTal-KoDE and Nipsen2 for your advice.Up to now I have been unable to try out your suggestions, but thanks again.Hecate.

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