up grade to office 2007?

My O/S is Windows XP but I only have Word 2000 installed and find that occasionally it crashes without warning. Microsoft say that I should upgrade my Word system. I have looked around and feel that Office 2007 would be an answer and have found that Amazon do Home & Student Edition for about £54. This seems very good value as I believe it usually costs about £100. Are there likely to be any snags with purchasing this?
Also, is Word a good system to stick with - I am loathe to change unless really necessary, as most of the written input I receive from friends etc is in this format.

  Kevscar1 18:24 14 Dec 2009

Go to the Microsft site and you can download a trial version. See if you like it before you decide to buy. I prefer my 2003 one so stuck with it.

  Input Overload 22:14 14 Dec 2009

If you have a person in school or college who will use it you can get Office Enterprise as you say for £50. There are no snags, it's the same as the version in PC World for over £500. You can also install it on 2 PC's. I had no problems whatsoever. click here

  ame 22:50 14 Dec 2009

Have you tried OpenOffice from click here which is free and is Microsoft Office compatible? Try before you buy?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:22 15 Dec 2009

As ame has said, I would definitely try OpenOffice first. It's a fantastic piece of software and I actually prefer it to the MS software. I encourage you to give it a try :-)

  Condom 17:07 16 Dec 2009

If you change over to Office 2007 you will be in for a learning curve as it is quite different in looks and in how it operates. I'd definately go the Kevscar route first before even thinking of spending your hard earned cash to make sure that you firstly like it and secondly that it runs OK on your system.

You'll get at least a 3 months trial by which time Office 2010 may very well be out giving you the option to go that route and be completely up to date.

If you don't like it then by all means try OpenOffice which is good but not as good.

Many thanks for the suggestions received.
I am giving OpenOffice a try, before considering a move to Office 2007.
Thanks again
Happy Christmas

  ame 22:00 22 Dec 2009

If you don't like OpenOffice you can download MS Office Ultimate 2007 here click here for £39 if you have a valid student email address.

  Chris the Ancient 08:43 23 Dec 2009

Hang on a bit...

Of course MS will recommend an upgrade. It's salesmanship.

Think... Will any other version of Office do anything different to what I want? If Office 2000 does all I want it to, why change?

I used Office 2000 with XP for a very long time with no problems.

So, let's think what we could do to cure the 'original' problem. Have you tried inserting the original Office 2000 disc and running a repair, reload or similar? Perhaps uninstalling it and using a very good uninstall package such as Revo (free - look on Google)and doing a reload?

There is no reason that I can see that Office 2000 should be unstable in Windows XP - the two things are completely compatible. Office 2007 being loaded might even compound any problems if there is something else acting as an underlying problem - which means you have wasted your money.

  Input Overload 09:06 23 Dec 2009

You could try the now free Softmaker Office 2008. I recently upgraded to the 2010 version & I am finding I use it most of the time. It's far more polished than Open Office.

click here

  Input Overload 08:08 29 Dec 2009

Condom, changing to Office 2007 is more of a 90 degree bend than a curve. I still don't like it, but my daughter uses it at school so it has to be on mine & her PC's.

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