K.H 16:15 13 Nov 2004


I recently purchased a brand new desktop. It came with a 128mb GeForce FX5200 installed, 512Mb DDR RAM and a 3.2Ghz P4 with HT. Now, while playing Counter-Strike: Source im getting a very low Frames Per Second and i cant understand why. My PC has double the spec required to play it yet it plays like a slide-show. I'm wondering whether it could be due to lack of RAM, maybe my proccesor isn't fast enough, or is it the FX5200?

Thanks alot in advance


  Dan the Confused 16:21 13 Nov 2004

Do you shut down all background processes before running it?

  bremner 16:22 13 Nov 2004

The FX5200 is a bottom of the range card and is not up to the more ower hungry games.

  K.H 16:29 13 Nov 2004

I haven't actually tried this as i didn't think it would be neccesary on such a new PC. As for the graphic card being lower class, that seems a little more understandable. However, what would be a reasonably cheap upgrade for AGP 8x?

Thanks alot you two


  bremner 16:35 13 Nov 2004

The minimum upgrade should be to a Radeon 9600XT or Nvidia FX 5700.

If the money is there then a Radeon 9800 / FX 5900 would provide even better performance

  K.H 16:36 13 Nov 2004

Thanks, i'll check out Scan and see whats on offer.

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