GPU MBs or BITs ?

  kwertyuk 20:12 24 Jul 2006

Hey I was wondering what is more important on a GPU between the Memory and interface (MBs and Bits).

I don't know much about what each does so any advice would be great.


  woodchip 20:15 24 Jul 2006

You have lost me there, are you on about a Graphics card

  kwertyuk 20:17 24 Jul 2006

Ye, my 9800 has 128MB and 256bit.

Just wondering which was more important.

  woodchip 20:20 24 Jul 2006

128mb is memory on the card 256bit is resolution that the card supports

  DieSse 22:48 24 Jul 2006

128MB (note not 128mb) is the memory on the card

256bit is the width of the memory bus (nothing to do with resolution) - ie how much data it can pass to and from it's own RAM at a time.

Which is most important can depend on the actual application being run, there is no overall simple rule. The memory bus being wider can clearly speed things up, as more data is transferred in a single "pass". More RAM can speed things up if an application knows how to use the extra RAM.

It's surprising how little RAM a graphics card basically needs just to hold a single display frame. A 1280x1024 frame with 32bit colour (which is actually 24bit colour, the extra bits are used for other things) actually only takes up just over 5MB of RAM. Of course the RAM is now used in many other ways - multiple frames and textures to name but two.

  DieSse 23:09 24 Jul 2006

*to name but two.*

and to name a third use of RAM in 3-D applications, is for "Z (or depth) buffering" - this is the depth of the picture, X being the width and Y the height.

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