Gps Unit connecting to Laptop

  Newuser2193 09:59 29 Apr 2004

I have been trying to connect a Garmin Emap GPS unit to my friend's laptop to use for GPS positioning (using Microsoft Autoroute). The first problem we had was that the cable for the Garmin uses a serial port which my friends laptop does not have. He bought a Bandridge serial to USB converter cable, installed its drivers and all seemed fine. It has worked once and correctly located the GPS position in Autoroute. However since then whenever the Garmin is connected the laptop displays a blue error screen which disappears so quickly we cannot read it and the laptop restarts spontaneously.
I tried installing the unit on my own laptop but although this seemed to install the USB to serial cable drivers correctly, the second time the cable and Garmin unit were plugged in the Found New Hardware dialog box appeared and automatically installed drivers for 'Microsoft Serial Ballpoint' which is not correct! My laptop will not see the Garmin at all now!
Incidentally the Garmin serial cable seems to work OK on a desktop PC with serial port. Also we tried connecting an external modem with serial connector to my friends laptop using the USB to serial cable and it seems to work fine.
Any ideas on a perplexing problem?

  computernerdiamnot 10:54 29 Apr 2004

I think i saw your problem in a laptop mag??????
anyway is this the cable click here what i can gather is if it works on your friends laptop and a desktop ther must be some conflict on your mates laptop and normally a blue screen is a fatal error correct me if i am wrong. have you tried a support number................

  computernerdiamnot 11:02 29 Apr 2004

Try this support just register and let them know the problem click here

  Newuser2193 09:51 30 Apr 2004


The cable in the link you gave is the Garmin one.My friend's cable is a Bandridge cable. Do you think the Garmin USB to serial cable would have avoided a compatibility problem? It is however more expensive than the Bandridge.

  computernerdiamnot 12:31 30 Apr 2004

I can't say, but i think it would be worth trying the tech support on the product before trying to eliminate the lead you already have. As you stated, it works on a machine and not on another, yes it could be the lead but before spending out out try all the avenues availible to you.

  computernerdiamnot 12:45 30 Apr 2004

What are the system requirments to run the garmin and the system requirments on your mates laptop...... could be where the answer lies

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