GPS for PDA?

  herc182 11:25 16 Dec 2005

I have a Palm tungsten T3 PDA. is there anyway of
turning it into a GPS tracking device for my car?

I bought a garmin i3 but returned it because i had
two faulty products! think there must be a way
to do it with my PDA for cheaper.

any ideas?


  scotty 11:38 16 Dec 2005

Have a look at these sites:

click here

click here

I am not familiar with T3 but a first consideration is how to link to the GPS device (wired or bluetooth). If the T3 has bluetooth it is more convenient.

You get very reliable PDA holders which attach to windscreen by suction cups.

  herc182 11:43 16 Dec 2005

is there no SD card i can install to give me GPS functionality?

i will lokk through those sites. thanks

  pickle factory 12:46 16 Dec 2005

There are quite a lot of options. I have a Dell X5 running Tom Tom Navigator 5 from an SD card which I've found to be extremely good so far. At the moment I use a wired GPS receiver which shares the same cigar lighter power lead in the car. My PDA is not Blutooth but I think I might add a Blue tooth CF card and upgrade to a bluetooth reciever to save the wiry mess. Tom Tom is one of the more popular products, but I think it's a matter of personal preference. You load the software on your PC and transfer it to your SD card from there.
Also check out click here

  mickyricky 13:28 16 Dec 2005

herc 182 - you mention using it as a tracking device (?)- I use Ipaq 3870 with Globalsat BT308 Bluetooth GPS and Tom Tom Nav 5 which is excellent for voice guided navigation - Tom Tom Nav 5 will also record your journey if that's what you want to do.

  puma22 14:17 16 Dec 2005

I too have a T3 and have got the tomtom blue tooth gps and navigator 5 bundled together click here It idnt come with a mount so bought a seidio mount click here.

Works brilliantly!

  herc182 15:27 16 Dec 2005

looks brilliant. a bit pricey tho.... the garmin was £170. all this equipment will set me back at least £240ish

  puma22 09:33 20 Dec 2005

Suppose it is a little pricey but shop around and you can get the bluetooth and tom tom 5 for £150. You can always get a cheaper mount, but i find that if the t3 isnt plugged in to charge it auto swithces off. The benifit imho is that you are only carrying one piece of kit around. I would never leave a gps in the car and when i go, the t3 just drops in my bag.

  vinnyT 12:46 20 Dec 2005

Adding to my posts.

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