Got Win98 on HD1, want XP on HD2

  Debula 17:23 15 Jun 2003

Can someone give me some advice on how to install Windows XP Professional on a second drive while keeping Win98 on the first drive. The first drive is full, the second drive is empty.I have Partician Magic6.

  dazzling (work) 17:27 15 Jun 2003

start xp disk from windows98 select advanced instalation option point it to empty hard drive a hey presto it will do the rest you will get a boot screen with a choice of 98 or xp if you select nothing it will default to xp.darren

  Debula 20:18 15 Jun 2003

Tried to run the XP disk but it gives an error message saying "Must disable or uninstall this program before continuing Setup." Disabled Norton Antivirus program, but it still reports the same conflict. Is there any way around this without having to completly uninstall Norton?

  Lú-tzé 20:22 15 Jun 2003

You should start your PC with the WinXP cd in the drive and when the option to install XP comes up, then tell it to install on the drive.

How big is the new hdd? You may need to partition it before installing XP if you only have PM6 - I don't think that PM6 works with XP (but I may be wrong...).

I hope that's clear.

  Lú-tzé 20:23 15 Jun 2003

What I mean is: don't try to install XP from the Win98 system.

  dazzling (work) 20:29 15 Jun 2003

just out of curiosity why not run from win 98 that was the advice i had from this forum (probably because it simple if it works no changing boot devices etc) and it seemed to work ok.dont use it now but im older and dafter.p.s i think your right pm 6 is not xp compatible.

  Lú-tzé 22:36 15 Jun 2003

dazzling - it's just a personal preference really. I do things from the lowest possible base - ad blocking, cookie management, software installation, and so on. That way any problems are easier to troubleshoot. I think it goes back to my days of using DOS and thinking how wonderful it was compared to Windows 1 or 2 - Win3.1 did convert me to windows, win98 convinced me, and Winwk means I will stick with the OS, but I have always liked to know what is under the point and click interfaces. For that reason of configurability [what a word] I have just begun to examine Linux and work with it.

That which is simple on the surface can be a nightmare to uncover deeper down - in computing as in most spheres of life.

  temp003 05:10 17 Jun 2003

Both methods are fine, but this time I think Lu-tze's suggestion will also avoid the warning about Norton. Presumably the Norton AV on Windows 98 is an old version which is not compatible with XP (I think it has to be at least Norton 2002 to run with XP).

Although ultimately XP will be a separate dual boot and so the old version of Norton on 98 will have no effect on the separate XP OS, when you start the installation of XP from within 98, XP Setup (I guess) automatically detects incompatible software and tells you to get rid of it first (not realising that it's going to be a dual boot).

Booting from the XP CD should avoid this problem.

You can also partition your new hard drive during XP Setup. After you boot from the CD and enter XP Setup, choose new installation of XP. In due course, you will see a simple graphical representation of the hard disks and partitions on your computer. Use the down arrow to highlight the new hard disk. Press C to create a new partition. Type in the size of the partition in MB, and press Enter. New hard disks are likely fairly big, so take Lu-tse's advice and create a partition, leaving space for further partitions in future.

Back on the graphical representation, highlight the newly created partition, press Enter to install XP on that partition.

You will then be given formatting options for the file system. Since you're dual booting with 98 which is on FAT32, select format with FAT from the options (if you want to be able to read stuff on the new disk from within 98).

After formatting, XP Setup will copy temporary installation files on the hard disk, and reboot. At this reboot, you are booting from the hard disk, so do not press any key to boot from CD if you're so prompted.

XP Setup will continue in graphical mode, during which you're prompted for certain settings. After that's done, you'll be asked to remove the CD, and it will reboot.

On reboot, after POST, you should see an OS selection menu (default being XP, with 98 as the other option). XP option is automatically highlighted, being the default OS, so press enter to go into XP.

Once in XP, if you want to create further partitions on the new hard disk, you can go into Disk Management (click start, run, type diskmgmt.msc and press enter). In the lower section, you will see your new hard disk as Disk 1 (disk 0 being your old hdd). You will see a coloured box next to the XP partition (probably called unpartitioned space).

Right click the unpartitioned space and you'll see an option to create new partition. Create an Extended Partition to take up the whole of the unpartitioned space. That's done in no time at all. Then right click the Extended partition (free space) to create such logical drives as you need. You don't need to use up all the disk space, just create what you need. Remember to format the logical drives with FAT again. Wait for the formatting to finish, then the logical drives can be used.

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