got a virus and windows message came up

  wappa 16:53 19 Dec 2007

hi ppl,,hope u can help,left my pc on and when i went upstairs a black screen was in view , it basically says"windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt
Firstly,what do i dowhen i press f8,do i press cd-rom?,then what do i do next please,,im not the worlds best at computing but have a reasonable idea
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  rawprawn 17:03 19 Dec 2007
  wappa 17:22 19 Dec 2007

cheers for the reply,i have followed instruction,,,downloaded guide help as on laptop now,,put windows disc in and on windows setup screen get the following"file ohci1394.sys is corrupt,,press any key to continue"when pressedpc restarts
any further suggestions?

  wappa 18:42 19 Dec 2007

tryin now from window cd, booted it from cd,,screen says setup is inspecting your computers hardware configurations.
been stuck on it for a while,,is my pc toast??
any suggestions for reinstalling windows or reformatting via the bios?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 19 Dec 2007

is my pc toast??

No but looks as if your hard drive has bad sectors as XP can not find the installation of windows on the drive.

If you can get into recovery console or boot from a live linux CD try:

1. Boot the Recovery Console from the Windows XP installation CD.

2. When you're at the Recovery Console command prompt, change into the root directory of the system drive with the cd command (i.e., cd \).

3. Change into the System Volume Information directory by typing cd system~1 on most machines, or cd "System Volume Information."

(The filenames with ~1 are generated by default to provide backwards compatibility with programs that only recognize 8.3-format filenames. It's possible to disable 8.3 filename generation on NTFS volumes to gain some speed, but the speed gained by doing this is generally pretty small and it can have the unintended consequence of making it impossible to use 8.3 filenames in contexts like this. If you can't use 8.3 filenames to navigate, 8.3 name generation might be disabled. See Microsoft's support document called How to Disable the 8.3 Name Creation on NTFS Partitions.

4. The System Volume Information directory contains a folder name _restore followed by a GUID in curly braces. Change into it by typing cd _resto~1; if that doesn't work you'll have to type cd "_restore{GUID_STRING}", with the full GUID string in place of GUID_STRING.

5. In the _restore directory are a group of subdirectories starting with the letters RP and followed by a number. These are the different restore points available for that volume.

6. Check the date on each directory and look for one that corresponds to a date before you began experiencing problems.

7. Change into the appropriate directory. If the directory is named RP74, for instance, change into it by typing RP74.

8. Inside that directory will be a subdirectory named snapshot; change into that directory as well (cd snapshot)

9. The snapshot directory holds backup copies of the SOFTWARE and SYSTEM Registry hives, named _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SOFTWARE and _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SYSTEM, respectively.

10. The target directory for these files is \Windows\System32\Config, and the hives there are named SOFTWARE and SYSTEM. Rather than overwrite those files entirely, you can rename them to something else. Typing ren \windows\system32\config\software \windows\system32\config\software.bak and ren \windows\system32\config\system \windows\system32\config\system.bak will rename them to software.bak and system.bak, respectively.

11. Copy in the backup hives: copy _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SOFTWARE \windows\system32\config\software and copy _REGISTRY_MACHINE_SYSTEM \windows\system32\config\system.

  wappa 19:32 19 Dec 2007

thanks for the reply,i cant get to recovery console,i try from cd and it starts to load windows,,but then reboots ,,madness , is there anythin else i can try fruit bat?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:07 19 Dec 2007

Download and make a boot floppy or CD of NTFS4DOS click here
bottom of page

Boot from the Flopy /CD and run from No.2 above

  wappa 21:13 19 Dec 2007

run from number 2 , whats that fruitbat

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