Got a sound card, how do I install it?

  Williton Specialist 12:03 21 Jan 2005

Daft I know but.... Well I've not had any sound for yonks, well since I installed XP and now I really need it as I'm playing a musical instrument and could do with being able to listen to files from other people.

I've got a Netgear FA310TX in the slot and ready to go but how do I get the PC to recognise it and accept a downoad driver?

Any help would be appreciated.

  *Silver*Hawk* 12:45 21 Jan 2005

So, I would have advised to install the drivers that came with the cd. As you should of got a driver cd, then unplu8g pc and open it up, pop it into a pci slot if that card is pci, pc should recognise it straight away and install the drivers for you.

  ACOLYTE 12:48 21 Jan 2005

If its already in the pc turn pc on it should find new hardware and search for a driver make sure the driver disc is in the drive and click ok.If you have another driver that you downloaded cancel the driver wizard and just click the .exe file of the driver resart and it should work.

  rossol 12:51 21 Jan 2005

when you took out the last sound card you should take out your sound drives for that card which are in control panel/system/hardware/device manager and open sound up take them out, re start your computer put in new sound card it should them find the card itself and ask for drivers then you should put the sound disk in

  Williton Specialist 14:52 21 Jan 2005

I've misplaced the CD that came with the sound card.

  ACOLYTE 14:55 21 Jan 2005

Well unless someone knows better the Netgear FA310TX is not a sound card but a network adapter.

  Chezdez 15:00 21 Jan 2005

ACOLYTE is right, what your playing with here is in fact a network card, and not a sound card

click here

you'll have a job playing music through that :P

  Williton Specialist 18:03 21 Jan 2005

This is getting more embarassing by the day, first I thought a visual inspection of the inside of my PC would give me the info' to find a driver download. Yesterday I decided that a Savage 4 was my Multi-media card, is a multi-media and sound card the same thing?

The side is now off the tower again and perhaps someone could tell me what I'm looking for, i.e. shape and size. I will of course pull the plug before I go inside again.

  Chezdez 18:21 21 Jan 2005

look on the back of your PC. there should be a green, pink and blue port there

if not, then you have no sound card

  Williton Specialist 18:34 21 Jan 2005

Right! There are three small ports, green one, a blue one and a pink one. the leac to my speakers is plugged into the pink one. When I look into the side of the PC, I see a mustard coloured thing about an inch and a half deep and an inch and a quarter across. I take it this is an on-board sound card?

What do I do next?

And thanks for your tollerance folks, I'm a plank!

  Williton Specialist 18:35 21 Jan 2005

leac = lead

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