Got New Computer And Have 5 Questions... Need Help

  Acer-1 16:46 10 Jan 2006

Right i've got 5 Questions but bare with me please :).

In the Christmas week i finnaly brought myself a computer. I primarily brought it for playing games but it turns out i have got a Intel Celeron D which is apparently not the best for playing games :S.

I brought the Computer from its a:...

Acer Aspire SA60
2.8Ghz Celeron D 335
Dual DvD
Windows Home.

Anyway My Questions are:

(1) Firstly i have been told it can play the games i want it to play if i upgraded my Graphics Card and Memory but i am not sure so if anyone can help me the games i want to play are...

Guild Wars
Half Life 2 / Counter Strike Source
Age Of Empires 3
and the upcoming Starwars Empire At War.

(2) I am thinking of buying a 1gb Kingston DDR ram chip and a Sapphire Radeon 9550 256Mb Graphics Card. Do you think that would be suitable to play the above games well ?.

(3) How Much Faster are Pentiums compared to Celerons for example my 2.8Ghz Celeron would equal what Pentium ? a 2.7 ?.

(4) If the Graphics card and memory does'nt still help me out i am thinking of upgrading my processor. Even though it would be cheaper just to buy a new computer lol i would rather upgrade this one then it does'nt seem like i brought it for nothing anyhow my Motherboard is...

CPU Type Intel Celeron D 335, 2800 MHz (21 x 133)

Motherboard Name Unknown

Motherboard Chipset SiS 661FX/GX

System Memory 224 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)

BIOS Type Award (09/15/05)

Communication Port Communications Port
Communication Port Printer Port (LPT1)

If anyone can make sense of that and tell me what i could upgrade would be great ta.

(5)Even though the computer was advertised as having a 80Gb Harddrive it has actually got 2 seperate Drives Named (c) and (d)....

C: (FAT32) 36451 MB (28691 MB free)
D: (FAT32) 36843 MB (36838 MB free)
Total Size 71.6 GB (64.0 GB free)

As you can see D drive is hardly being used anyway my question is. Is there anyway of pherhaps combining the 2 drives into 1 big drive ? and would it make my computer run faster.

All the questions i have for now. Any Help would be Great Thanks.

  Rogerfredo 17:07 10 Jan 2006

You need to take a look at your mainboard to see what sort of graphics card can be fitted.
PCI Express would be best, but you may not have this facility. Is there an AGP connector?
The memory you buy has to be suitable ie can the mainboard handle this much and is it the correct speed etc.
The graphics card you mention is not very fast for games by todays standards.
Forget upgrading the processor. This would almost certainly mean a new mainboard and virtually a new PC.
The 2 seperate drives C and D are probably partitions of the same drive.
It is better to partition a large drive in this way as it makes maintenance easier. There is no speed advantage in one large partition.

You don't mention the operating system, - is it XP? If so the FAT32 file system could be converted to NTFS which allows you to work with larger file sizes (essential for working with video editing etc.)
Good luck!

  Rogerfredo 17:10 10 Jan 2006

I forgot to add: unless you want to spend a lot of money, it would be better to buy a Playstation or similar for gaming. (A PS2 package costs around £100 which is less than a good graphics card).

  Acer-1 17:28 10 Jan 2006

A PS2 does not play the game's i want... none of the above.

As for Pci Express no my computer has 4 or 6 Pci Slots and a AGP 8X slot.

The Ram in my Computer is PC3200 DDR SDRAM

and as for the graphics card it might not be fast i not expecting it to be for £40 but would it play the games mentioned at a ok standard ? until i buy a Geforce 6600 256Mb.

But thanks for the Harddrive info. Yes i am using XP. Would Converting it too NTFS have any advantage when it comes to games and if so how do i do that ?

  [email protected] 17:48 10 Jan 2006

I speak just a bit from experience and what I have read. I have no idea what the games are you want to play - I use my pc for Flt Sim. The crux of the matter is: how well do you want your games to look and perform - this is a personal thing relative to what you are prepared to accept within your means. What I am getting at is this: top graphic card currenty about £500 - top CPU Athlon 64 x2 about the same. With the mobo/sound card and memory to compliment you have a system that will eat Quake [the recognised yardstick for measuring playability] and spit out the pieces! If you are on a tight budget you can only upgrade with what you can afford and that will be your level of acceptance. Any 3D games require a good graphics card and loads of memory. A 2Ghz CPU should fill your needs. All modern graphics cards are good, like Whiskey, but some are much better than others ;-)
My advice would be to fit the maximum amount and correct speed of memory which your Mobo supports then save up for the best g/card you can afford, again which your Mobo supports. No one can advise you what is good for you but I would say the 1Gb memory and the Radion 9550 would fill your needs admirably - but others will disagree. It's like that with upgrades, very personal. Good luck.

  Acer-1 17:50 10 Jan 2006

Thanks Wotbus

  Fingees 18:30 10 Jan 2006

Go to

click here

There you can run a programme that will guarantee to check your system for the correct type of memory.

It will tell you motherboard etc.

If you buy their memory, it is guarenteed to work, and comes with lifetime warranty.

All the best

  Graham ® 19:18 10 Jan 2006

The C drive will have the operating system on it. The D drive will be for storing data. You can easily convert both to NTFS...

BUT there is probably a Recovery Partion on C, that uses FAT32 filing system. I don't know the cosequences of changing that to NTFS. Could be it won't let you.

You could email Acer, they will reply to you.

If you decide to change, click here

  Graham ® 19:20 10 Jan 2006

The n has fallen off consequences :-(

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