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  @Home 08:42 27 May 2005

While idling away on my PC the other day, it dawned on me that I hadn’t done a re-install since Christmas when I got a new hard drive.

So I made plans to set aside some time this weekend to do a re-install. But then I thought, hey wait a minute –

When I have put XP & Office 2003 back in and the then put all the other programs back in that I have in @ the moment, I would be back to same place I am now, doh!
So what is the point?

If you do a re-install as a ‘Spring-Clean’ as it were, do you put everything back that you had I before the re-install?

Is there any point in doing a re-install just because you haven’t done one for quite some time?

What are your views/thoughts on this?


  TomJerry 09:26 27 May 2005

there is no point to reinstall if

(1) you do not regularly try software by install and uninstall such as free software from mag (many people are software junk and just try evenything one can get hand on).

(2) if you do not visit some questionable website which install something without your knowledge, many sites do this

  Indigo 1 12:08 27 May 2005

XP is not like older versions of Windows like 9X, there is no need to regularly re-install software to keep it running sweet.

Regular defragging and a little bit of 'house cleaning' are all that is required.

Of course regular scans with A/V and Anti Malware too.

  Mr A! 12:15 27 May 2005

virus check, scandisk and spyware check once a month and it helps to keep my pc working great!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:26 27 May 2005

AV and malware scans.

Clear rubbish files / registry bloat regularly with Crap Cleaner click here

Defrag every once in a while (6 months)

Uninstall programs you nolonger use

  Andybear 17:57 27 May 2005

I've never done a re-install. I just do the usual spyware / av checks, general housekeeping etc once a week or so.

  Joe R 18:02 27 May 2005


when I was running 95-98, I used to do an fdisk and re-format every 6 months or so.

Since using XP, I have found that this is no longer required, but still freshen it up yearly, by re-installing a back-up image.

  @Home 18:05 27 May 2005

Thanks for the replys.

It's it's interesting to read your opinions - keep 'em coming.

  Buchan 35 19:46 27 May 2005

Most of the guys here agree that a reinstall is pointless. Every 3 months or so I examine all the
stuff I`ve got on board. If I`ve taken any of it from DVD/CDs and I have those DVD/CDs I immediately
uninstall it. A lot of programmes want you to load the CD anyway. I then go to Disc Cleanup and run it, and wipe everything it finds and then do a Defrag. My old PC, running XP Pro SP2 is quicker than me and it`s still on dial-up. Nearly 2 years now and I`ve never had to re-install.

  Snec 20:51 27 May 2005

And it's not just XP btw. I put Win ME on a machine in 2001 and have never reformatted/reinstalled. There should never be a need for it and I do put programmes on/take 'em off all the time. At the moment I have something like 100+ prgs & apps on board.

Before 2001 alot of problems were caused because people's machines were not man enough to run some of the stuff that was coming along at that time. This is the main reason Win ME got a bad name really. I do have XP (I dual boot and network) but hardly ever use it. By comparison Win ME flies on the three machines here. In fact, there is no comparison. I have nothing against XP. It's OK too.

Whatever you prefer it's all about good housekeeping and regular registry maintenance.

  woodchip 21:02 27 May 2005

XP is like all Windows. It gathers Moss

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