got it dont no how to use it

  mkennyd 22:59 24 Aug 2008

got this download called dvd flick, only cause someone said i'd be able too burn any vid i'd like. anyway i downloaded the prog and have absoloutly no idea what to do. question? do i watch a vid and if i like it, could burn it to a dvd,
first off, the vid short goes straight to WMP so if i save it in files, will this dvd flick recognise it and burn it for me. Or do i have to manually transfer it to the said prog.
Totally no idea.

  MCE2K5 23:16 24 Aug 2008

DVD FLICK Guide click here

DVD Flick Tutorial (english video) click here

Another Video click here

  mkennyd 09:42 25 Aug 2008

thanks mce2k5
that was very helpful

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