Googlemail Logged out

  bristolgirl 15:01 03 Jun 2006

Whilst using my google mail account, I had a message saying that I was been logged out and that this could be because someone else was logging into my account from another computer.

I run spybot regularly but am more than concerned about this message. Could someone still be accessing my messages from another computer or is this a naive question?

  VoG II 15:07 03 Jun 2006

More likely click here

  bristolgirl 15:27 03 Jun 2006

that I didn't do this.

  arris 16:43 03 Jun 2006

You don't use the same password for multiple websites do you?

  Fingees 17:06 03 Jun 2006

I am automatically signed in, at the start of each session.

On one occasion, I forgot and tried to sign in. Yhe same thing happened.

Perhaps on the occasion you are refering to, the browser had logged you in automatically. Hence the problem when you tried to log in

  brundle 17:18 03 Jun 2006

just change your password to something unguessable and see if it occurs again click here

  bristolgirl 18:04 03 Jun 2006

Thanks for all your help and advice!

I never use the same password or the same user name for that matter.

I also do not automatically sign in at the start of each session.

Therefore I think I might give the secure password generator a go that brundle recommends.

Better to be safe.......

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