daisy2bell 22:05 16 Dec 2006

Somewhile back someone from this forum sent me an invite to googlemail. I didn't follow it up at the time as I was going through a bad patch.
Is there anyone who could give me an invite pleae.
I hope I'm not flouting forum rules

  bluto1 22:22 16 Dec 2006

I saw your other post re AOL and felt unqualified to answer. However having seen this post may I suggest Yahoo. Download the toolbar and I think you can then set up you email account. This, obviously if you don`t get a Google invitation. Happy Christmas.

  daisy2bell 22:25 16 Dec 2006

Thanks bluto1, I have tried yahoo, but have the same problems. Guess I'll have to wait for some kind sould to give me an invite

  De Marcus™ 22:37 16 Dec 2006

mail me and it shall it be.

  De Marcus™ 22:54 16 Dec 2006

You should have your invite now :-)

  Carpigiani 01:02 17 Dec 2006

Hi daisy2bell

Did you know that it was exactly 1 year ago today that I sent you that invite? Spooooky.

I still have plenty if anyone requires a googlemail invite.

  Curacion66 01:16 17 Dec 2006


I have plenty of invites available should anyone else need one. Just let me know. JM

  daisy2bell 08:50 17 Dec 2006

De Marcus: Thanks, I have now joined

Carpigiani: Wow, didn't realise it was so long ago.

Thanks guys

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