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  highside 17:57 25 May 2009

Anyone help please, have suddenly been plagued with the following message each time I try to send an email to a friend who I have sent mail to for years, just ordainary content about our hobbies etc nothing offensive in any way and nothing about any third party.
The messages are returned as "Warning could not send essage for 4 hours" and the explanation says
"Temporaily delayed due to user complaints"
I use Google he uses Yahoo engines, there are several references to Yahoo in the failure notes.
Thanks for looking.

  MAT ALAN 18:32 25 May 2009

It is a censorship issue by "GOOD OLD" Yahoo your friend will have to contact them to resolve this issue...

click here=

seems they do it quite a lot...

  highside 20:43 25 May 2009

Thanks for reply, I see what you mean but where does Yahoo come into personal email, are they actually reading it? The examples in your link seem to be of the type which are commenting on something political or extreme, is Yahoo acting as some sort of god? if they are picking on keywords what would they find in my emails which in the subject cases mention such terrible things as cars, motorbikes and cameras and the weather in our two countries?

  MAT ALAN 20:51 25 May 2009

They might be picking up on a keyword but why now when you have been doing the same thing for ages...

Only yahoo can know that

  highside 09:00 26 May 2009

Another interesting point is that when I follow the Yahoo hyperlink in the message return - apart from the "user complaint" statement it also says that "We are seeing unusual traffic from your IP address" What does that mean when I send probably two to four short emails a week?

  Andsome 09:05 26 May 2009

Personally, I would never ever again allow anything to do with Yahoo onto my computer. I won't bore you all with the full reasons, it's a long story. I found that the company wanted to take over complete control of my computer.

  AL47 09:11 26 May 2009

how often do you find thier toolbars etc bundled with freeware?

get them to switch to gmail :)

  interzone55 09:21 26 May 2009

Occassionally mail servers will temporarily block incoming mail from certain domains if they've been hit by a lot of spam from that domain.

In your case, maybe Yahoo's mail servers have recently been getting a lot of spam from gmail accounts (gmail is the name for google mail in the rest of the world). In order to give yahoo's techies some time to create filters against the spam they will simply block all main from gmail accounts for a couple of days.

It's an inconvenience, but if you want a 100% reliable email service you're not going to find it from one of the free services.

btw I've used Gmail for about 5 years now (I was one of the early beta testers) and it's the best email service I've ever had, with incoming spam blocking that's second to none...

  OTT_Buzzard 10:16 26 May 2009

Have you been getting a lot of other 'undeliverable' messages in to your inbox? (not just when you try and send to your friend).

I'm wondering if your email account has been used by spammers and has been blocked.....happened to me a couple of times :(

  highside 12:12 26 May 2009

Thanks for all replies,
OTT_Buzzard No only happens when sending to one address (bt openworld)
I use only Outlook Express and Google and never use Yahoo, I have full Norton protection (no freebies)I have never been bothered with spam but how did you trace and deal with it.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:23 26 May 2009

just changed the password on the account for a far more complex one.

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