"Google Updated.ink disabled"

  douglas1973 17:04 11 Oct 2008

The following message appears on the desktop after booting:
Windows cannot open the file:
Google Updated.ink.disabled

I have no idea why this is occurring. Why am I getting this message and how can I get rid of it?
I am running Windows Vista Home Premium.

  douglas1973 15:10 15 Oct 2008

Disappointingly I have had no suggestions for remedying this problem which is very unusual in the PC Advisor forums. On searching the internet extensively I see that many others have the same problem and nobody seems to know how to remedy it. I became so frustrated with this problem I reverted to a previous disk image on my computer using Acronis True Image which I highly recommend - super software!

  provider 2 15:45 15 Oct 2008


Don`t write us off just yet. I`m sure some members did have a look but there seemed to be something not quite right about

Google Updated.ink disabled .... perhaps it`s :
Google Update.lnk disabled .... or :
Google Updater.lnk disabled

As you have discovered, all of these find different results and perhaps we thought you would be back with an exact version of the message.

  provider 2 15:49 15 Oct 2008
  provider 2 15:55 15 Oct 2008

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