Google UK home page today causing 100% CPU lockup.

  mooly 07:18 04 Sep 2010

As soon as I open Google with it's "Buckyball" theme of the day PC goes into 100% processor activity. Close Google and it stops.

Anyone else having problem ?

  birdface 07:24 04 Sep 2010

Hi Mooly just gave it a try and it was using over 50% of my CPU.

  mooly 07:30 04 Sep 2010

Definitely something weird... I have two tabs open with IE8 BTYahoo mail and Google and my first thought was Yahoo. Took me a few minutes to twig it was just the unopened google tab.

It causes 98 to 100% CPU use on my laptop, close google and it drops back down to 3 % or so.

  birdface 07:47 04 Sep 2010

Thats going to annoy all of those that use Google for their home page.
And anyone with old computers liable to lock some of them up.
But no doubt you will sort them out.
Have you not managed to contact them yet.

  mooly 07:50 04 Sep 2010

How do you contact Google ? never looked tbh

  birdface 07:50 04 Sep 2010

They must have had loads of complaints and it seems that they have stopped it now.

click here

  mooly 07:53 04 Sep 2010

Still the same... just opened your link and closed all other windows. 100% use.

  birdface 07:54 04 Sep 2010

Oops ignore that.
I had turned script off under developers tools and you do not get the problem.
Turned it back on and the problem is back.
Well at least you know how to do a short term fix now.

  mooly 07:57 04 Sep 2010

Lol... thanks.... as you say this will cause chaos.

Bing ! where's Bing... time for a swapsy maybe.

MSE is due to scan imminently too... that could be fun with a processor at 100%

Thanks :)

  Graham. 10:18 04 Sep 2010

I have a quad processor, and it shows 23% on Google, equivalent to 100% on a single CPU.

  birdface 10:42 04 Sep 2010

Yes mine is dual hence the 50% never thought about it that way.

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