Google Tool Bar

  560 19:02 02 Jul 2007

There has been warnings about using the Google Tool Bar. Does anyone know if the problem has been resolved or should we still avoid it? Is it automatically downloaded with the new upgrade?
Thanks 560.

  anskyber 19:06 02 Jul 2007

I think you might need to be clearer please. Automatically downloaded with what for example? Are the problems you mention problems with Google toolbar concerned with IE7?

  skidzy 19:06 02 Jul 2007

What warning ?
Looks like ive missed this !

I have the Google toolbar installed on 4 xp machines and one Vista,no problems that i know about !

  560 19:37 02 Jul 2007

A local 'Expert' gave a warning on local radio that the Google tool bar could be used hack into your computer and was unsafe and best avoided. I believe that there is a Google upgrade and wondered if the upgrade suffered from the same weakness? If I upgrade would the tool bar be downloaded as well or is it optional.
Thanks for the interest.560

  mfletch 19:47 02 Jul 2007

I think you may mean the Google Desktop search? many people do not trust it I for one!


  skidzy 19:53 02 Jul 2007

Just had a look around and though i maybe missing something,the main security flaws where found and updated back in 2002-2004.

Like i say i maybe missing something,but cannot find anything related to your post " There has been warnings about using the Google Tool Bar ".

I also use the desktop search every day for around 6 hours,but do not visit those ..lets say iffy sites.

I have no problem with Google toolbar or any of its features.
Maybe im just lucky !

  sunny staines 19:54 02 Jul 2007

use google deskbar rather google desktop

  560 20:06 02 Jul 2007

Thanks everyone things are a bit clearer now.

  lihp 21:12 08 Jul 2007

I'm having problems with Google toolbar. I keeps disappearing from its' usual place in IE7. When I try and re-install it loads Google Updater first which then asks me to load a selection of tools including Google toolbar. But Updater wont load the toolbar. Nowhere can I find a link to just download the toolbar without first having to download the updater. I'm running Vista with IE7.

  lihp 21:13 08 Jul 2007

Sorry should have started fresh thread - opps

  lihp 21:13 08 Jul 2007

Sorry should have started fresh thread - opps

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