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  vassos 09:37 04 Oct 2009

I run Mozilla Firefox on Windows XP. Google is my home page. I want to delete the drop down suggestions that appear below the search bar and prevent them from appearing in the future. In my ignorance, I thought this was simply a matter of adjusting settings, and maybe it is. BUT, I have failed to do it despite attempting to follow all searched instructions. Help pls.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:44 04 Oct 2009

search options - tick "do not provied Queary suggestions.." save settiings

  vassos 10:48 04 Oct 2009

Fruitbat, tks for that and I have now stopped the drop down. Now, how do I delete all my previous drop down history pls?

  bremner 10:52 04 Oct 2009

click here

Saves having to do it manually

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:55 04 Oct 2009

Step 1

To delete Google search history in your browser (Firefox), simply go to Tools > Clear Private Data and check everything (unless there is anything particularly important you want to save). Then click "Clear Private Data Now". If you're using Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options. Click the General tab and click the delete button beneath "Browsing history". A new window will pop up. Click "Delete All", unless, once again, there is any information you'd like to save. In that case, you will need to individually delete each item.

Step 2

If you have the Google toolbar installed, click on the drop down menu where you type your searches. Click the item on the bottom right that says "Clear History".

Step 3

To thoroughly delete your Google history, go to If you have a Google account, log in and click "My Account". Click "Web History" under "My Products". (If you have never enabled this tool before, you can ignore this step). Click the 'Remove items' link on the navigation bar to the left. This will remove all of your search history on the Google servers.

Step 4

If you are a Firefox user, you can have the program automatically erase your search history every time you close the browser. To enable this, go to Tools > Options and click the "Privacy" tab. Under "Private Data" checkmark "Always clear my private data when I close Firefox." Click on Settings to check or uncheck any information you want Firefox to erase or save. Make sure to click OK when you're done.

  vassos 17:33 04 Oct 2009

That will give me something to go on.
Bremner - is ccleaner safe? No nasties that are going to stick in the system?

  vassos 18:23 04 Oct 2009

Fruit Bat, I've been through all that and nothing works. Also, when I click on search preferences and elect not to have the queries shown - save etc., it works then but on logging in again, it returns. I am at this moment reluctant to download a cleaner tool.

  vassos 18:32 04 Oct 2009

I think I must have disabled some cookies

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 04 Oct 2009

Yes it is a brilliant piece of software been using it for years to keep my machine clear of rubbish and running smoothly.
I don't even bother backing up the registry as I've never had a problem using any of the tools in CCleaner.

  vassos 20:46 04 Oct 2009

Well I downloaded it and cleaned up. My initial problem remains - the history is still there. Also I seem to have dug myself a hole as all my usual forums etc which I normally keep logged into all the time now require me to log in every time I open up. Somewhere I have unticked/ticked a box which is preventing these details being saved and I have no idea where to look for it. Bah.

  vassos 17:44 05 Oct 2009

By fiddling around I have managed to get my Login details to stay put. I have also managed to stop the drop down list on the search history. I have not yet found out how to delete my past search history. It simply won't work for me whatever way my PC is set up. Also, annoyingly, I have lost my Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox & Google Earth "One Click" icons from my lower tool bar and can't get them back. They are on thethe desktop page and that is as far as I can progress them. Everything gets screwed up each time I try to adjust & delete that damned search history.

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