Google script errors

  OldBlue 17:25 30 Jan 2009

Every time I go into google i get 2 script errors! Not a major problem.
Now after it has done search 4 script errors come up and when I click on an item another error comes up. Cannot read anything!

Regcure said it would cure script errors. Renewed my subs. What a waste of time that was, did naff all!!
Ideas anyone? Thanks in anticipation.

  howard64 11:47 31 Jan 2009

Bit confused as to what you are talking about but could it be chrome? if so I would suggest uninstall then download and reinstall it again.

  birdface 11:50 31 Jan 2009

Got it in one.Regcure.C Cleaner does a better job and thats free.

  birdface 11:55 31 Jan 2009

I had a look in Google but maybe better for you to look as there are so many answers.The first 2 are from microsoft so a good place to start.
click here=

  OldBlue 20:13 31 Jan 2009

Howard 64.After the 4 script erors come up I then select one of the posts / websites to look at. Click on it and another script error comes up so I am unable to view the web site. I don't use chrome!
Buteman. Have you got a link to the regcure you mention as nothing except Regcure comes up on a Yahoo search.
Have looked in Google but nothing relevant came up.

ALL thanks for your help!

  OldBlue 21:50 01 Feb 2009

Just as a note.

If I go into Google via the web and the IE7 button on the desktop I don't get a problem.
It only goes pearshaped when I go into google via the search engine button on the toolbar in Outlook.
I tried all of the fixes in the MS website (except removing and replacing) all to no avail. Most of them where for IE 5.5 anyway

Now I will probably make Yahoo my search engine or access Google via the web button on the desktop.
Pain in the butt but I can't be assed to sort out
Google problems. There don't appear to be any answers anyway.

  brundle 22:00 01 Feb 2009

click here for CCleaner, but registry cleaners are not the first thing to use when problems occur, contrary to what many websites will tell you (mostly to get you to pay for something you don't need).
If you're using Office 2007, Outlook controversially adopted its own HTML engine instead of using the IE one as earlier versions did, it could be this that's causing the problem.

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