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  Simon_P 22:37 18 Jul 2004

Please could someone help with a query that I have

I have a photographic web site, I am not a professional web designer but I do the best that I can with the knowledge and time that I have click here

Until recently I have had a page rank of 4/10 (Google toolbar) this dropped to 3 and now has dropped to 0 this has had an effect in my page visits as I used to get good results is search terms and nor hardly get any referrals from Google at all.
As I am not a business this is not a financial issue, but all my work is rather pointless if no one sees it.

Some of my lower pages still get a rank but this has also dropped.

My page content / title and h1 are all relevant to the site so I shouldn’t be penalised for spam optimization.

Please could someone explain if there is something that I have done to make such a drastic drop in page rank or point me the right direction?



  Simon_P 20:20 19 Jul 2004

Forum Member
Thank you for you comments and response, I am glad to hear that you like my site.

I think key words are always a tricky one to get right but I guess that the following are my man ones:
UK photos, England, Scotland, landscapes, scenery, seascape, lochs or loch, river or rivers, waterfalls, wallpaper or desktop wallpaper. images, pictures photograpgs plus place names that I have on the site like Loch Lomond, Northumberland, Pentland hills, Edinburgh etc. Much of this is in the meta (not sure if that is worth it these days) plus in the side piece. Maybe having it in both is a mistake!?

For example typing “UK Photos” into Yahoo usually returns a top 5-10 position but in Google it is so far down the list I can’t even find it but used to get in the top 20-30

I try to use search terms that people may use, it is difficult to know how people might try to search for something, the following are terms that have been used recently:

UK, Photos ,Rowerdennan, Firth of Forth harperrig Northumberland seascape wallpaper,Rail bridge,Threipmuir English castles waterfalls Images scenery rivers
Bridge+Historic reservoir

There are about 16 sites that I know of that link to me plus other directories/engines that have chose to of their own accord.

I have submitted to Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN, DMOZ (not yet listed) BBC list me as do ask jeeves but I have not submitted to them, there are numourous others that I don’t have info on.

As Google are no longer interested in links would this affect my rankings by having links?

Sorry this is a little longwinded the search thing is a bit of a minefield.

I have seen some references to "robot.txt" but as yet dont know much about it.

Thanks again


  Simon_P 18:07 20 Jul 2004

fourm member

I suspect that you may be right about the links, as very little else has changed throughout the site.

I don’t really want to drop the links as I feel that it is good to offer people alternatives if they can’t find what they want on my site.

I think getting the small details right is difficult and seems to effect some sites differently, sites with far less content and seldom updated can still have good rankings even those that have not been updated for a year or more, sites that have a lot of links can seem to loose out and sometimes not there doesn’t seem to be a consistency. I guess time will tell on that one.
Possibly the biggest factor is that engines are updated by a bot, that miss points that a human would consider good or important. So if you fall outside the strict rule that the bots are programmed to look for then you can only loose out.

There are subtle changes to the home page in the form of latest updates, but this may not be enough I guess.

I have read that if you are updating whilst being trawled this can also have a negative effect until the next trawl.

There is allot of info on optimization but it is hard to tell sometimes what is relevant and what is out of date.

I will try some of your suggestions using H1, H2 and dropping the hyphenation etc
Thank you for spending the time to offer your help.

I will leave this thread open and see what happens over the next month or so.



  Simon_P 16:17 21 Jul 2004

forum member

Like you say the links to help get traffic, in my case a fair ammount.

I will see how the changes pan out and post back the results / changes if any once the next update has been done.

Thanks again for your help.

  Simon_P 19:23 11 Aug 2004

Thank you for your help and suggestions fourm member

My page rank (home page) has returned to 3, from 0, so that’s a step in the right direction.

I guess the trick is to keep tweaking it a little now and then

Regards Simon

I will check this resolved now

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