Is Google maps to scale?

  VNAM75 00:28 07 Oct 2010

On google maps click here Sweden looks twice the size of France, is this accurate?

  octal 04:39 07 Oct 2010

Probably not, it's based on a Mercator map and not a Great Circle one, so the continents are distorted.

  Sea Urchin 08:52 07 Oct 2010

The fourth largest country in Europe, Sweden has an area of 449,964 square kilometres (173,731 square miles), slightly larger than California.

France covers 547,030 square kilometres (211,209 sq miles) having the largest area among European Union members.

So France is the larger.

  Woolwell 10:43 07 Oct 2010

As octal states it is probably based on the Mercator projection which distorts the size and shape of areas closer to the poles. click here

  VNAM75 19:09 07 Oct 2010

I don't understand what that means but I had thought they were proper images taken by orbitting satellites. Still, its great how you can zoom down to street level of many parts of the world.

  Woolwell 19:29 07 Oct 2010

Just found out that they use a Simple Cylindrical projection click here. But I doubt that is simple!

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