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  johnanthony 10:22 08 Sep 2007

Has anyone else noticed how out of date the satellite maps are in some parts of UK. For example look at Pagham, Sussex. The map shows new roads which have been developed over the last FOUR years, but if you look at the hybrid map one road in particular is in the middle of a factory or garage workshop. People have lived there for 3 years plus.
Is this normal or is there an explanation? I can only assume that I can't complain because its free.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:24 08 Sep 2007

Photographing the whole of the UK and transferring all the data to Google is an immense task and cannot be done every 3 months or so. There will always be at least 4/5 years between updates.


  johnanthony 10:41 08 Sep 2007

Interesting answer. One is lead to believe, by Google, that Google Earth is real time. Obviously not. I do feel that 4 years is a bit much considering that the satellites are there 24/7.
Perhaps if we were to site a nuclear bomber airfield somewhere near the photoes would be taken every half hour, or is that a bit cynical?

  VoG II 10:45 08 Sep 2007

"One is lead to believe, by Google, that Google Earth is real time."

Where did you get that idea?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:50 08 Sep 2007

Most of the photographs are taken from ordinary light planes and it is a very expensive and time consuming job especially as the weathe rneeds to be OK. Don't believe all the CIA guff spouted about the resolution of satellite cameras. Don't know where you got the idea that the photos are real time.


  johnanthony 10:54 08 Sep 2007

Where did I get that idea?
From the click here web page. It tells me I can fly to my house. When I do I see the same old van parked outside that was parked there 2 years ago.
I am afraid its a hyped up (I'll leave you to put the next word in).

  holme 10:55 08 Sep 2007

As far as I can tell, the source mapping for the UK is copyright GetMapping plc which is also the base used for the SkyView programme (although the Live Search is /much/ higher resolution).

The SkyView (GetMapping) base we have for the North of England is 2002-3, which sounds as if that ties in with what you said for the South.

In fact the higher-res Live Search mapping for my daughter's house can be pinned down to August 2002, plus or minus 3 months - 'cos the red car in the driveway is the only red one they've ever had! :-)

BTW, I don't think they're satellite maps, not for the UK anyway. Can't recall their name but there's a firm which specialises in air surveys. And if you look at shadow lengths for objects with known height, e.g. TV masts, the photographing aircraft altitude was probably about 8-10,000 ft. Still very impressive though isn't it?

  VoG II 10:58 08 Sep 2007
  holme 11:00 08 Sep 2007

Just a PS to the comments about air photography. I think the RAF (Canberras?) did it for donkeys years but, for the UK at least, the job is now sub-contracted by the MoD to the specialist civil firm I mentioned.

No doubt hi-res satellite photography (and IR etc) is still used for real-time stuff but, by definition, that ain't going to filter down to the likes of us!

  johnanthony 11:03 08 Sep 2007

Intersting discussion.
As far as I'm concerned, apart from looking at historical sites, google earth particularly and google maps satellite pictures (which is what it says - nothing about light aircraft) is a waste of time effort and money - theirs not mine.
Thanks for your replies, an interesting way to spend a few minutes this Saturday moning.

  johnanthony 11:08 08 Sep 2007

Thanks for the link VoG. As they say, read the small print. I have proved the point to myself anyway, so thanks for the input.

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