Google Mail vs Orange

  Duncanf 13:28 06 Mar 2008

While sending a photo by e-mail from a Picasa folder I was prompted to send via Google Mail. I hadn't heard of it but it went quickly and effectively. It then prompted me to consider using Google as my main e-mail system. If I change (presently with Orange) will all new e-mails come via the Google service if it is set up as default? I'm scared of losing any e-mails while changing over.

  amonra 13:56 06 Mar 2008

Why not have both ? I've got a few accounts and I use different ones for different purposes. My main account is kept exclusively for family business, and the others for ordering off the web or joining forums etc. That way all the spam goes to an account I can ditch if the worst comes to the worst. I can thoroughly recommend GMail, good filtering and storage facilities.

  Duncanf 14:20 06 Mar 2008

Thanks, amonra. I thought that two e-mail places might cause conflict. I'll do just what you've said. Thanks again.

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