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  jimisdead 17:54 16 Jan 2003
  jimisdead 17:54 16 Jan 2003

i recently ordered pressies only for recipient to find history of web pages and know what was coming. Any help on deleting history would be appreciated. Thankyou.

  Elrond 17:59 16 Jan 2003

Go control panel - internet options - clear history. Or when in the web browser got tools - internet options

  suburban train 18:01 16 Jan 2003

Go to tools>internet options> then click clear history it would be good to delete files and cookies.

What o/s are u using and and which Internet explorer?

  watchful 18:06 16 Jan 2003

to clear this: click on Google box (coloured letters) and menu will scroll down giving options.

  jazzypop 18:06 16 Jan 2003

If you are using the Google Toolbar (highly recommended), the extreme left icon on that toolbar simply says Google.

When you click it, a drop-down list appears, which includes the option to 'Clear Search History'.

Note that if you are running XP, and have setup separate accounts, your search history will not appear in your partner's Google list, and vice versa.

  Legolas 18:24 16 Jan 2003

If you are searching from the google web page there is no easy way to clear the list but I discovered this way. When you click on the empty box as you know all the previous searches are listed put your mouse pointer over the first one so that it turns blue do not click the mouse, then on your keyboard press delete that will delete that entry and the next one on the list will be highlighted so just repeat till all or the ones you want are cleared.

  watchful 18:35 16 Jan 2003

Running windows XP. I've tried that but it doesn't work for me.

It's best to delete from Google drop-down menu as said above.


  Legolas 19:34 26 Jan 2003

Hi watchful I just noticed your latest post. This method only works on the google web site not on the toolbar you have installed on your browser, easiest way for that is as say.

  worf 20:17 26 Jan 2003

Deleting Cookies/Files and History via Internet Options will not ceal Googlebar history.
As stated by watchfull and jazzypop on the left hand side of the toolbar is the words Google with a small black arrow, click on the arrow and select "Clear Search History" or do the same action again and select "Toolbar Options". When the next page opens uncheck "Keep a search history in a drop-down list under the search box" then it wont keep any history at all. The only other option is to download something like Windows Washer and then download the Google Tollbar plugin, this will cost you though.

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