google has gone Greek

  johnincrete 09:16 08 Feb 2013

I live in Crete, Greece and, up to now, I have had no problems with Google searches. But now, everything is in Greek - logon, search dialogue boxes and search results only find .gr URL's What can I do to tell Google that I want English and .UK or .com results?

  chub_tor 09:39 08 Feb 2013

At the very bottom of the Google search home page is there a line of text (probably in Greek)? If so the far right one of those should be - there is on the Google UK page anyway. To get to you should click on that far line of text as they are links and it might just take you to the page

  xox101 11:14 08 Feb 2013

Google seems to have a time limit on when it decides you are no longer a visitor but a resident and then changes it's search page to whatever language it thinks is local. I have a mate who spent three years in Kefalonia and after a few months had the same problem.

  lotvic 11:26 08 Feb 2013


When I go to page is in English and underneath 'Google Search' 'I'm feeling lucky' there is ' offered in: Ελληνικ?' and at very bottom right of page a link to go to

All my searches from return results in English.

I vaguely remember something in the past about setting Language or maybe it was along the lines of not 'automatically find my location' (or both)

Can anyone remember what and where the above settings are?

  Batch 16:01 08 Feb 2013

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