Google and Frames problem

  DRiM 21:09 20 Apr 2004

I have a website with about 12 pages. Google sends surfers to pages other than my index.html, and does not display the Frames which are needed to navigate to other parts of the site, so they never get the information available.

How can I solve this?

DRiM 00:55 21 Apr 2004

is not to use frames. They are disliked by search engines and visitors alike. Google will send visitors to the place their entered keywords are linked to. You are better off without the frames.

Cheers, Whiz...

  Eric10 09:21 21 Apr 2004

DRiM, see my replies to your post in the Helproom forum.

  Taran 10:07 21 Apr 2004

There are ways of getting a frame content page to detect whether it has been loaded inside the full frameset. If it hasn't, it refreshes itself to reload the frameset with the content page in its proper position within the frameset.

If you want to try this, post again to that effect and I'll provide the necessary script code for you.

This is just one of the many reasons why I recommend not using frames. They can really overcomplicate matters and many of their advantages can introduce a whole new range of problems, especially with search engines and web browser software and its ability to correctly interpret and display the frameset.

  Taran 10:15 21 Apr 2004

since this crops up now and then on a semi-regular basis, here's a link to a neat code solution with a good explanation of how it works:

click here

The problem with JavaScript is that is relies on very specific line breaks and this forum mangles the code when you include it in a response. Posting the above link takes you to a very good frame reloading solution and removes any potential problems if I include one of my own code solutions that doesn't post properly in here.

Or something like that...

  DRiM 19:08 21 Apr 2004

Thank you all for the help, I am working my way through all the suggestions.

It looks like the simplest solution for a real novice like me is to avoid using the frames.

many thanks


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