Google Earth... Graphics problem..

  funbubble 17:44 08 Jan 2008

cant seem to get the picture on this!

I have a Pentium4 2.4Ghz 248Ram

Graphics = 8284SG/GL/GE/PE/GV

Is it simply a case of getting a new graphics card?

  LimestoneRock 19:14 08 Jan 2008

I would just guess that it is the memory that needs increasing. I can access Google Earth quite OK with my laptop, whose graphics are very poor indeed.

  Technotiger 19:15 08 Jan 2008

It might be that you do not have enough RAM for things to run properly - you only appear to have 256Mb which is very little by today's standards.
Minimum now-a-days is usually 1Gb RAM.

And I am afraid I do not understand your 'Graphics' details?

  funbubble 19:27 08 Jan 2008

I had assumed that because 'Google Earth' suggest you need 16mb video ram - the prob lay in that direction..

Thanks for that!

  funbubble 20:18 08 Jan 2008

My son has put his tuppenceworth in!

"...- is this really a RAM deficiency? (Icons in MS word appear pixelated and thoroughly obscur) No, there's an incompatability with DirectX/OpenGL and that video card."

More help needed!!

  Stuartli 20:52 08 Jan 2008

See graphics cards and DirectX/Open GL requirements for Google Earth at:

click here

  funbubble 21:49 08 Jan 2008

I did click on the display adapter..


..also no conflicts are flagged up.

I'm surprized that no one on this forum has had a similar problem....Images on google earth appear latticed and completely unreadable..

  Technotiger 22:06 08 Jan 2008

Does this problem affect only Google Earth? what are the graphics like on other programs?

  Technotiger 22:08 08 Jan 2008

Also have you tried altering Display Settings/Resolution in Desktop>Properties?

  funbubble 22:10 08 Jan 2008

Some probs with MS word only as mentioned above.....(I think we have cured it by dropping the 'accelerating' setting, down a bit.)

  funbubble 22:21 08 Jan 2008

Downloaded the above but dont know where to extract it to!

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