google chrome - ebay, unable to add to watchlist

  collinsc 14:06 03 Aug 2011

hi i installed a google chrome update earlier, and now am unable to add an item to watchlist. any ideas? other than restoring to prior to the install. i also use IE, so could simply use ebay on here instead, but it's not ideal. thanks

  collinsc 14:15 03 Aug 2011


  collinsc 14:45 03 Aug 2011

hmmm odd, there is not a 'watch this item' on IE either. perhaps an ebay problem?

  Woolwell 15:25 03 Aug 2011

Works ok for me on Chrome with the latest update.

  robin_x 17:29 03 Aug 2011

I noticed Watch This Item was missing earlier.

I'd just cleared my Watch List and am new to eBay so thought it was me. Mebbe not.

btw Is it because I am new and just made first sale yesterday, or is the whole eBay/PayPal experience unnecessarily complicated?

I go round in circles trying to find particular information. When I find it, I've been leaving the Tab Open and starting a new one so I don't get lost.

Means I had loads of Tabs open+bookmarks+saved pages. I'm quite worn out.

Still all i have to do is leave feedback now. God forbid i get a bloody dispute.

  robin_x 17:29 03 Aug 2011

FF for me btw

  Woolwell 18:10 03 Aug 2011

Add to watch list is present under place bid.

  robin_x 18:27 03 Aug 2011

Mines greyed out. There was another button on the right of the page.

Must be eBay?

Just have to Bookmark.

  Woolwell 18:40 03 Aug 2011

Must be you. It's ok for me in Chrome and Firefox.

  Malcytul 19:27 03 Aug 2011

My wife had this problem on her Mac, she has been using the "Add to watch list" printed on the right hand side of the page, I've been using the little box under the "Place bid" box, I run Google Chrome. My wife now uses the same box with no problems. Ebay has changed a little over the last few days. Hope this helps.

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