google chrome

  karmgord 18:45 14 Nov 2008

anyone using google chrome,is it any good/ worth downloading?

  VoG II 18:47 14 Nov 2008

It is blisteringly fast at rendering web pages. Well worth a try IMO.

  chub_tor 19:08 14 Nov 2008

I use it a lot on my desktop and like VoG™ I find it very fast.

I do have a problem with it on my Toshiba laptop however as I have found that when using the Synaptics touch pad I can scroll down but not back up again. It is OK with an external mouse or by "touch clicking" the up arrow but it just won't go up by sliding a finger on the side of the pad.

Yes it is worth downloading. The tabs work well and can be "ripped" to new pages and new pages can be tabbed onto existing tabs. The bookmarks are conveniently out of the way but easily accessible.

  Cymro. 10:06 15 Nov 2008

I tried it for a while and liked it well enough.
The only thing I did find was that the amount of spam I receive increased every day. I was told on this forum to make sure that I clicked or was it unclick? the box that asks if you want to send information back to Google.

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