Google Advanced Search - where's it gone?

  polymath 14:41 24 Feb 2012

Google is the most useful home page for me, and there used to be an Advanced Search button next to the main Google search box. Then they changed it to an option via the cog button at the top right, but now that's disappeared. To use Advanced Search, I now have to type something (say, 1 letter) into the basic search box to get a page where I can see the cog, press it, select Advanced Search, and then delete from Advanced Search whatever word(s) Google has guessed I was going to search on.

Anyone know how to revert to a quicker way, apart from making Advanced Search my homepage (which I'd prefer not to, ideally)? I know I could use quotes, 'and', 'or' etc in the basic search box, but I usually want to specify time, region etc as well.

I've fixed this problem before, but can't remember the answer or find where I found it; I probably assumed it was fixed for good!

  northumbria61 15:06 24 Feb 2012

I still have it on the cog next to sign in - Win 7 64bit.

  northumbria61 15:09 24 Feb 2012

Try deleting all cookies and it may reset the page with the missing links.

  rdave13 15:10 24 Feb 2012

I don't use Google UK but had a go and I have to do exactly the same to get to the advanced search menu. Haven't seen any options to change it yet. Using the tool icon is still on the top right, .

  northumbria61 15:13 24 Feb 2012

When I said I still have it I was referring to Internet Explorer. If you are using Firefox you can download an add-on for Advanced Search enter link description here

  rdave13 15:16 24 Feb 2012

Just found that if you're signed in to gmail on another tab and use Google UK then the tool icon is hidden by your gmail addy on the right.

  polymath 16:20 24 Feb 2012

Wow - thank you both for your help, and so quickly too!

I'm in Ireland, so Google was defaulting to - behaves the same in every country I suppose. (I've tried many times to go to (simply), but it won't let me, and alway goes to .ie).

I happened to look at rdave13's link to start with, and it worked. I've now made it my home page. (I'm keeping all the suggestions here for future reference).

In case it helps anyone, I use Vista Home Premium (32-bit), default browser Firefox (and accept all software updates as soon as I can). Next stop Internet Explorer, to change the Google home page there.

I'm forever struggling these days to get search results based on the keywords I choose to use, rather than my location etc; who knows, maybe this'll help with that too!

  Ian in Northampton 17:47 24 Feb 2012

Slightly off-topic, but you reminded me of something I've meant to look at for a while. I travel regularly to The Netherlands, and trying to go to ends me up with But if you try for a country-specific site - like - you can do that.

There's an interesting thread here:!category-topic/websearch/how-do-iusing-google-search/ovzMVjObXDw

and it certainly seems as if

works. If I search for a 'worldwide' term like 'Bedford' using address above, I get a very different set of results to what I get if I use

  polymath 21:17 24 Feb 2012

Thanks Ian - useful stuff to add to the armoury! And including a fix that works on the sponsored results also. That's not important in my case, as I just ignore them (e.g. if I've just bought a printer, they suggest that what I need to buy next is a printer).

Forgot to say I also steer clear of Google Plus; Google Minus is more like it for me (though I can see its features for smartphones might win the day, if I lived somewhere where I could use one).

  polymath 15:55 05 Mar 2012

I'd also somehow lost the ability to just press the Enter key to go to a website (instead of using the Go button). It came back when I changed my Google front page as above - could there be a connection?

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