Google AdSense

  daisy2bell 08:39 28 Oct 2006

Don't know if this is the correct place for this question.

Has anyone had any experience on Google AdSense.
It seems almost good to be true, that for every click one earns money. 11:59 28 Oct 2006

I was geting a few bob every now and then. One month my hits got quite a bit higher and they kicked me out!

They informed me that they were invalid clicks and that the cash would be returned to the advertisers. I appealed and they simply said they were invalid clicks and no further contact would be made.

I had nothing to do with the invalid clicks but ended up losing a small source of income, and had to rebuild my website to get rid of the ugly error messages that appeared when they took their ads off.

I am disgusted at Google, but what can anyone do against a giant that is aiming to own the web? My advice is to use them if you wish, but tell visitors not to click them too often!

  JaneAusten 13:15 28 Oct 2006

Thank you for your input barryoneoff, you have given me something to think about. I have been thinking about joining Google AdSense; however, after hearing of your experience, I will do a little research, before taking the plunge.

I certainly don't like their treatment of yourself, and don't want all that fuss, for a few extra pennies.

JA 15:26 28 Oct 2006

Out of all the methods there are to make a shilling from your site, it is definately the best, and I miss it.

It's just the treatment they handed out, and the conclusion that I was the guilty party, with no say in the matter apart from an appeal form which they dismissed.

This was also for very small sums of cash may I add. If I thought it would topple them from their perch I would stop using anything to do with Google, but I don't think they would be too bothered so I won' bother. ;)

  powerless 18:41 28 Oct 2006

I use's fine.

  daisy2bell 21:45 28 Oct 2006

Thanks for the input guys.
Thats dreadful, but as you say, what can we do individualy against these big boys.
That's the trouble nowadays, big firms merge and get even bigger, and the consumer is only good enough to purchase their products, but if something goes wrong.....................
Wherever possible I go for the small firms with a personal service.

Will have to some research then before I decide. 23:23 28 Oct 2006

It was fine when I was using it as well. They just kicked me out because according to them there were invalid clicks on the ads.

As it wasn't me, or anyone connected with me, why kick me out? Why not just stop the cash for those particular clicks if they knew they were invalid? I still do not know what is classed as an invalid click now!

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